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Paul Wesley is an American actor born in New Brunswick, NJ who also has his hand in directing, and producing. Paul Wesley, best known for his work in popular television show The Vampire Diaries, has starred, directed, and produced several block-buster hits. Included in these are Before I Disappear, Cal in Camo, and Amira and Sam.

Before I Disappear is a drama that came out in 2014. Paul helped produce this film about a troubled young man and his niece who bond during a crazy turn of events. Wesley also acts in the film as the character Gideon, who is the boss to the main character Richie.

Paul Wesley
Cal in Camo is a play directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt. The play follows character Flynt, played by Paul Wesley, as he tries to get over the death of his wife. He does so by spending time with his sister Cal, and her husband Tim. With all characters going through their own struggles, Paul Wesley had to dig deep to channel Flynt as his silences in the play sometimes says more than his words.
Paul Wesley

Amira and Sam is a romance/drama that came out in 2014 about a veteran who is trying to get his civilian life back on track, all while trying to win over an Iraqi immigrant. Paul Wesley stars in the film as Charlie, the main character Sam’s cousin, who’s entire plot is to rip off veterans through shady financial schemes. He befriends Sam in an effort to get him to fall for his ploy, only for Sam to eventually see through it.
Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley has already accomplished so much, and at thirty-five he still has many years to add to his resume. Coming from humble beginnings, there is no telling what the ceiling is for such a talented young star.