The Role of NGP VAN in Campaigns and Support of the LGBTQ Community

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NGP VAN, Inc. is a private database for voters and a provider of Web hosting services. The US Democratic Party-USDP uses it, the Democratic Party campaign, and other nonprofit organizations approved by the DPJ. The NGP VAN platforms and services are used in campaigns that are political and social for funding, campaign funding compliance, grassroots organizations, and digital organization. NGP VAN was launched in 2001 and is headquartered in Washington DC, Massachusetts.


NGP VAN’s Role in Campaigns


NGP VAN, headquartered in Washington, DC, is a software company that provides tools for organizing and funding progressive campaigns. NGP VAN is used in major progressive democratic campaigns, including the 2008 election campaign, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, in 2016. In addition to providing technical expertise in political campaigns, NGP VAN provides fundraising and social networking platforms. These services are offered to non-profit organizations and local governments.


NGP VAN’s Role in “Days without Women” Celebrations


NGP VAN organized a “Days without Women,” celebrating women staff, and giving back to the organizations in DC, which support women. In the diverse industry, NGP VAN recognizes the great value that women from all walks of life add to the workplace. It is important for women to be celebrated. By participating in an international women’s day, this leading software company is focusing on its progressive values and beliefs in gender justice. This event is part of VAN NGP’s great culture and promotes workplace equality and valuable analytics technology as a software company.


Role of NGP VAN in Supporting LGBTQ


As a supporter of progressive campaigns, NGP VAN recognizes the importance of transgender, gay, lesbian, queer, and bisexual-LGBTQ. The company has integrated properties that are inclusive in the software, which is LGBTQ friendly. Many software companies continue to use gender binary data for demographic data, but NGP VAN has recently incorporated the use of non-binary pronouns in voter communication records. Thanks to this change, NGP VAN donors, supporters and volunteers can manage as accurately as possible.


Targeting voters who are from LGBTQ, it is important. This is because, for progressive democratic campaigns, it is estimated that there are more than 10 million LGBTQ voters who reside in the United States. These voters are mainly in urban areas and suburbs. They, therefore, represent the important demographic composition of democratic campaigns. Additionally, targeting the votes of LGBTQ. Changes to NGP VAN will also promote a more inclusive view of gender.