The Growth of Igor Cornelsen’s Career

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Born and raised in Brazil Igor Cornelsen, has been a successful investor in many businesses. Cornelsen studied engineering in 1965 at the Federal University of Parana School of that time, it was the only university that offered engineering degree in his home area hence the challenge of getting an admission to the school due to high competition. He later studied economics after two years of study in engineering at University of Parana. After completion of his studies in economics in 1970, he immediately started working in a bank which was a general requirement for engineers in that time.

During that time, the engineers had to learn computing in non-digitalized methods since calculators and computers were difficult to find. Through his work at the investment bank Igor Cornelsen, he earned an opportunity for working as an investment banker since he was unbeaten in his department. Reaping from his hard work, Cornelsen got a job at Multibanco board of directors in 1974. He was later promoted after two years to work as a Chief Executive Officer. After the purchase of Multibanco by the Bank of America in 1978, Cornelsen left with the aim of venturing in other opportunities. The departure of Igor from Multibanco brought him various opportunities. He worked in Unibanco in Brazil which by then was the leasing investment company. After years of working with Unibanco he left the company in 1985 due to the raised inflation.

Cornelsen later worked in Libra Bank PLC which was a London Merchant Bank where for the very first time he was paid in US dollars. The success he gained together with his associates at Libra Bank PLC made him move to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. Igor was given a position of a board member of directors and a delegate in Brazil. He worked in the position for more than seven years where he left Standard Chartered Merchant Bank and later in 1995 established his own firm where he continued working.