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It is very normal for people to forget the great pillars of economic development in the world. Majority of us think that politicians are the people who help in steering the economy forward. Sheldon Lavin is one of those people who can quickly be forgotten. Under his capacity as the chairman of OSI Group, he has managed to employ 20,000 employees in his company.

Lavin has been on the front line working towards helping the company expand globally. They have been able to prove to the world after their recent acquisition of Flagship Europe as well as Baho Food. The company under the able leadership of Lavin is very optimistic about bringing the modern food processing to all countries across the world.

Sheldon Lavin joined the meat industry in 1970 after successfully working as a financial consultant as well as a banker. That was when he joined the company to offer consultation services when the company was under a severe economic crisis. Sheldon later enlisted as the company chief executive officer. Since then, he has been able to apply a lot of efforts towards making OSI Group a leading food supplier across the world. He joined the company when it was called Otto and Sons. The company had gotten a contract to supply a hamburger for McDonald, but they lacked enough capital to facilitate their new business.

Otto retired in 1970 and at the same time hired Sheldon Lavin to work as the CEO and also a partner at the company. He was more attracted to the business culture and even strategies that were being applied by the company. They started expanding through North America and opened several facilities. Later in the 1980s, they moved to Southern America and Taiwan whereby they opened a new branch. Then they managed to move to China, Australia, Japan, Philippines and South Africa as well. Today as well speak, Sheldon has full control over the company after he acquired it from the sons of Otto. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award. They have over 60 facilities in 17 countries, and the number keeps on increasing.

Besides his career at the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin also happens to be a philanthropist. He has been involved in several charity events such as the Boys and Girls Club based in Chicago, Ronald McDonald House Charity, Evans Scholarship Fund and so many other organizations.

Sheldon lavin is very passionate about people living better lives as well as helping the minority groups access better services.