Steve Ritchie: Saving Papa John’s With Love

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Food is a necessity and we need food to live – that’s a fact. Through time, evolution and development – we as a race have produced different ways of making food. We have developed the whole fast food industry which produces food at a very fast rate for everyone to enjoy. The fast food industry is well cherished by their fan base because of the comfortability and the convenience of the food that it offers.

Pizza has been one of the most well loved food items in the world. Pizza has worked its way up the ladder and has even built a whole industry around itself. Pizza is now a staple food item that is cherished and loved by food enthusiasts around the world. Pizza has declared itself as a go-to food item for every gathering and every occasion, in or out of the household.

With Pizza and its popularity, there have been a lot of restaurants and bistros that offer their take on pizza. And one of the most popular pizza places in the world is Papa John’s Pizza. Papa John’s Pizza is one of the pizza parlors who has maintained the original make of the pizza where all of their products are in close resemblance to the original and authentic Italian pizza. Papa John’s is certainly a household name when it comes to pizza, and their market and consumer base is rock solid and this keeps their business competitive and present in the market.

However, Papa John’s is not immune to controversies that can hurt their business. Recently, Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter, was involved in a fiasco that concerned blatant racism. And this matter was not taken lightly by the media – and it blew up pretty quickly and it quickly affected their market and their consumer behavior. The scandal that John Schnatter made even affected the partnerships of the brand. Gratefully enough, the brand was saved by the CEO of the brand, Steve Ritchie, when he publicly apologized via a heartfelt letter – saying that the founder is not a direct reflection of the brand and they are a lover of diversity and a supporter of the community.