Renovia, Providing the Needed Help

Affecting 1 in every 16 women worldwide, urinary contingence is a disease that simply cannot be ignored. A company that is doing more than paying attention is Renovia Inc. The MedTech company seeks to come up with affordable care and cure for various pelvic floor disorders through a number of their thoroughly researched diagnostic and therapy treatment tools.

The Million-Dollar Project

The health firm in August this year, through the well-suited leadership of their CEO, managed to reel in the 32-million-dollars’ worth of development fund from investors. The successful pitching event was graced by names in the health industry such as Ascension Ventures, Perceptive Advisors and Longwood Fund. Renovia Inc. also received an additional 10 million dollars through venture lending in the same event. The capital injection would be directed towards creation and trials of more diagnostic and therapeutic treatment tools.

Renovia’s Health Products

The Boston based health organization is researching and consequently creating tools for testing and treating different kinds of pelvic floor disorders. Among their products is Leva which in April this year was approved by the FDA for use by the American population. As if encouraged by the approval, the company also promised to dedicate some of the development funds from the August financing event to develop updates for the Leva device.

Success Begins with Good Leadership

With all these accomplishments coming barely 2 years after its creation, it is no compliment to say that the company is doing well, and doing well with reasons. The main and perhaps the most obvious contributor to the company’s persistent growth since inception is its leadership. At the helm sits the dedicated and equally qualified company CEO and chairman, Marc Beer. The co-founder of Renovia Inc has a career spanning well over 2 decades.

Marc Beer

Marc has dipped his shoes in the dynamic waters of biotechnology development, pharmaceuticals, health gadgets, and diagnostic tools. He also played the role of strategy specialist at OvaScience. Beyond that, he successfully closed crucial financing deals with venture capitalists on behalf of Renovia Inc. back in 2016. To say the least, the leadership is in the most capable hands. Learn more:

In a world where suffering and pain are an everyday encounter, Renovia Inc continues to fan in to flame the spark of hope every woman deserves.