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The first thing that I have to say about NewsWatch Tv is that it is an internet marketers dream. I say that because it has tons of useful information that can help a marketer find a niche or something to promote, or sale as a drop shipper. NewsWatch TV has many reviews on the latest technology. This is great because people are always looking for the next best thing. Whether it be a new gaming console or a new health device to help you stay alert when something is about to go wrong with your body.

In the past I have done a little bit of drop shipping myself. In my experience it was always very hard to find out what products were really selling. The way I found them was just by chance or seeing an ad on youtube. NewsWatch TV is a one stop shop for anyone who has had this problem in the past like me. NewsWatch TV can also offer great advice about financial issues or investments that may be profitable for you.

I watched a review about a new mobile app  called Optifi. The subject was about Merging Technology and Traditional Investing. The app always you to organize what you would like to invest in. It provides a list of great investments to choose from. Once you have made your choice. The Optifi app then allows you to select your price range of how much you would like to invest. Once you have funded your investment with the minimum $5000.00 amount. You are able to monitor your investment through the app for updates on your progress.

I thought that this interview was great because most people don’t even know what to invest in. I myself look for things to invest in and don’t even know where or how to get started. The Optifi app is a great tool for beginners because it will guide you and help you get started. Results is what matters to me and I think that many people will get great results using the Optifi app.