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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a remarkable company, not just because if its size, because it does dominate its field. And it is not just because it is the top choice for eight out of ten of the major retail mortgage and title companies in the United States. It is not even because Nationwide is one of the fastest growing companies in America. It is primarily unique because of the ethic of excellence that is implanted into each employee that works at Nationwide.


It is the ethic that is contagious and an exciting result that occurs when everyone works together to accomplish a common goal. Michael O’Connell, the COO of Nationwide proudly boasts of the company’s recent feat of establishing a 99.98% rate of compliance with a reject rate of only 0.79%. By closely checking quality control procedures and adjusting training accordingly, O’Connell stated that the problems in these areas can be addressed directly and solved quickly. Most companies take samples and estimate the figures which can lead to disaster.


Employees receive a full regimen of training when they are hired and progressively are able to take on more complicated tasks only when they have achieved certain metrics on quality. There is hands on monitoring and help as the employee learns and gets better. This has been a major step forward in the achievement of the quality goals.


John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide put it very well in a recent podcast recorded from a talk he gave at an industry convention. He stated that compliance and quality are terms that are much discussed, but many companies have difficulty in making it happen. He said that compliance is achieved with proper hands on training along with objectives that are set very high. Then you train to meet those objectives, and good results follow.


It is no accident that major retail mortgage and title companies rely on Nationwide. They know that they can depend on the company to deliver what is promised. Nationwide has the ability to reach every county and jurisdiction in the United States as far as sourcing the right documents. Even where records are not digitally stored, they can be found and verified.


When a title company has a full week of scheduled closings, it is vital that all the proper documents be found and verified far enough ahead of schedule in order to have everything ready for a closing. Nationwide with its 99.98% compliance rate will be sure that it gets there in time and that the information is accurate.