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For companies that are in the investment banking, financial services, or mergers and acquisitions industry, gaining recognition from peers and from professional organization is very important. Each year, the largest and most significant awards and accolades are handed out at the Annual M&A Advisor Awards, which are held each year in New York City. This year, which will be the 15th annual installment of the awards presentation, has announced their most significant award nominations are going to some of the smaller and growing firms in the industry. Read more:

One of the biggest winners when it comes to the awards this year is Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital, which is a Chicago based firm, has gained a growing reputation for excellence in its field. The company has provided a number of different services to companies in the investment banking and M&A industry. While the company is still only around 10 years old, quite young compared to its competitors, they are quickly becoming one of the best boutique firms in the world.

At these years’ awards, which will take place later in November, Madison Street Capital is a favorite for two different awards. The first award is the Firm of the Year award, which is given to the top firm in a few different groups based on size. Madison Street Capital is competing in the small firm bracket, which is ideal for boutique firms.

The company is also in the running for the Deal of the Year Award, which is an award given for the top deal that was completed for under $100 million. Madison Street Capital could win this deal due to the recent acquisition of Akuna and Associates by Dowco. This deal was a very time consuming one that has ended up being very beneficial for all parties involved.

Madison Street Capital will receive news of their awards later this week on November 9. The awards presentation will take place on at the New York Athletic Club and will be attended by representative of dozens of the top firms in the world. Win or lose, the nominations have been ideal for those that are looking to further develop the firm’s reputation.

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