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Jim Hunt, the current CEO and financial advisor of the VTA Publications, is well known for offering free investment advice through his You Tube account. Hunt is experienced in the stock market, hence is an expert in making intelligent as well as safe trades within bull or bear markets. In an interview, Hunt says that he started VTA Publications to help small scale investors control their financial destiny. The investor attributes his success to his strict goals, which he usually splits into manageable portions. Additionally, Hunt says that he designs his products around what his clients need. In this regard, he carries out expansive research to find specific solutions for their individual needs.


Jim Hunt believes that he is more active in the mornings than he is at any other time in a day. As such, he focuses on delivering new stock trading systems for his subscribers and coming up with marketing ideas for his business in the morning. By sticking to a light lunch, the investor says that he is able to remain active throughout the afternoon. When asked what his worst job was, Hunt says that he did not like working for a bank because he was not comfortable with the way customers were being treated by the banks.


Incorporated in December, 2012, VTA Publications is an active company, currently based in Norfolk. Established by Jim Hunt, the company offers a platform for publishing non-fictional learning courses. Additionally, the company website also serves as an event organizer. Since its formation, the company has been offering cutting edge information in both physical and digital formats for its subscribers across the globe.


Through this platform, Hunt offers insights and information on such fields as finance and economics for his readers and subscribers. According to the information on the company website, the company plans to source the top experts in various fields of expertise from various parts of the world and present their tradecraft and expertise to their clients in a format that is easy to use. Additionally, VTA also serves as a booking agent for events related to such subjects.  For more insight into this unique investment mind, check out his Ideamensch interview, which covers everything from Jim’s plan, to VTA’s future.