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Graeme Holm and his business and life partner Rebecca Walker decided to innovate the way the mortgage market works. They co-founded the Infinity Group Australia and it has been seeing some impressively positive results since its inception. The company was founded so for the purpose of helping Australian families to greatly reduce their debt. There have been many cases where their clients are able to reduce their 30 year home loan down to 7-10 years on average.


Infinity Group Australia has been able to accomplish this by providing what previous banking structures were lacking. That is the ongoing guidance, support, and advice. Because of their innovative and compassionate approach they have been able to help many families achieve financial stability. It has been reported that 100% of the clients see a reduction in their loan principal in the first 90 days.


Graeme Holm describes the method that Infinity Group Australia uses as a financial personal trainer. Just like in exercise, a person can get more progress from working out with a personal trainer than what they would see on their own. Infinity Group Australia provides their clients with their very own personal banker that advises them in any way possible. Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia have been able to offer services that help their clients reduce debt and create wealth. They also provide retirement strategies and show their clients how to invest in properties.


Infinity Group Australia is an award winning company and for good reason. They are not the typical and traditional broker. Their personal encounters with their clients are detailed fact based and go as in depth as possible into the household expenses and the family’s needs and wants. They help their clients set up a weekly budget for the family’s fuel, groceries, travel, and entertainment. The philosophy that the Infinity Group Australia provides for their clients is “If you can’t pay cash, then you’re not buying it”. The innovative mortgage company focuses on describing the differences between needs and wants to their clients to best serve them. This has led to tremendous success.


When a client receives a loan, they are assigned a personal banker to help them every step of the way to pay off their loan as fast as possible. The clients also receive a performance report at the end of each month so that they can determine if the clients are reaching the goals that have been set up. Learn more :