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For the last twenty years, David Osio has been working very hard at his efforts in charity both locally and internationally. He has been known to make partnerships with many non-profit organizations whenever he moves to a new place and creates a new company branch. He has enjoyed a lot of success in business over the past few years and is thinking about matching this success in business with the global outreach of his philanthropic activities.

He has been supporting quite a number of important organizations. He is one of the main supporters of the children’s orthopedic foundation. For the longest time, David has stood with these children because of the belief that one day he will be in a position to make a change for the children. He believes that every penny that is contributed towards this charity makes life better for the children.

The other charity he has been a member of is the Miami Symphony Orchestra. This started when he was a board member at the organization. He expressed his gratitude for the rare chance of being in a position to support this group of talented individual’s year in and year out. The people who have been making donations to this
charity are the reason it has operated for this length of time.

David Osio’s background

The leader of Davos Financial Advisory group is none other than David. He heads the company in all its local and international market efforts. When he started out, the company was a small startup with limited revenue levels. However, the business has really grown and is doing very well financially. It now has branch offices in Panama, New York City, Lisbon and Geneva. The company is always on the lookout for new locations where they can spread their wings and make their existence known.

There are several other charities that David supports. The charities are the Wayuu Taya foundation, Fundana and many others. The work that David has been doing has led to him getting local and international recognition and awards.

Born and brought up in Caracas, Venezuela, David can be said to be a self-made millionaire. He started his career with a degree from the Andres Bello University in Caracas, where after finishing he took up a position as an advisor at the Fero consolidated bank. The Banco Latino branch that is located in Miami had an opening that he took up. He decided to expand his education by joining the New York Finance Institute and learning about investment management. He has built a successful career from almost nothing, proving that ideas are the best capital one can own.

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