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The Fagali’l Airport is a great destination in which to land for your vacation to the beautiful city of Apia. As we are aware, when visiting Apia – without family or friends living in the city – we would likely have to stay in a hotel, that’s just simple logic. But, what are some of the nicer hotels that surround the Fagali’l Airport? What are some of the hotels that are worth a lasting impression that we would definitely want to take back with us to our home country?

Hotels Near the Fagali’l Airport

* Lynn’s Getaway Accommodations – starts at $39 per night. A really reasonable hotel starts out with the inclusion of one double or two twin beds, fits two guests comfortably. Includes a free breakfast and free wi-fi.

* Apia Central Hotel – starts at $50 per night. Starts out with the inclusion of one double bed, but an additional bed and space are added according to price. Breakfast is included.

* Hotel Millenia Samoa – starts at $70 per night. Includes one queen bed and an additional twin bed is added for an additional $17, which also includes additional space to fit three guests. Also includes a breakfast.

There are many other hotels that are available around the Fagali’l airport as well, some may be a little more pricier:

* Tanoa Tusitala Hotel – $121 per night

* Taumeasina Island Resort – $195

* Insel Fehmarn Hotel

* Talofa Inn

…and many others. No matter where you and your family stays amongst the mentioned hotels, these hotels have been commonly reviewed as the better of the hotels that surrounds the Fagali’l Airport.

Come on out for your next vacation to the beautiful city of Apia. Beautiful beaches, historic volcanoes, luxurious museums, exhilarating rock sliding, fresh Samoan foods, shopping and more! Apia is one of the highest rated vacation locations in the world! Come find out why.

About the Fagali’l Airport

The Fagali’l Airport is a small airport located just a few minutes from Apia. It includes a friendly Samoan staff rich in Samoan culture; sufficient transportation accommodations of buses, shuttles, taxis, rental cars and limo services; a currency exchange; a mini convenience market and more. Fly in to the Fagali’l airport today and take advantage of some really great deals.