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Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen was invited to appear on Fox Business News recently. He offered his input on the idea of socialism as a governing policy. Mr. Halvorssen also expressed his views on the 2016 presidential race on both the Democratic and Republican sides. Below is a short summary of what Thor Halvorssen had to say about socialism and the presidential race.


When asked about socialism in government, Thor Halvorssen replied that socialism can work effectively as a governing system. He did mention that oftentimes, however dictators and strong men would use socialism as a guise to seize power. This is what he believes happened in his home country of Venezuela. Mr. Halvorssen pointed out that socialism exists in many countries and creates a high quality of life for its citizens in some nations. Sweden is an entirely socialist country that has a high standard of living. Denmark and Norway have socialist democratic governments with heavy socialistic elements.


Socialism is not the bad thing Thor Halvorssen states, and people should not be afraid of it. Rather the stripping of rights and dictatorships are the real threat to people around the world. Even the US government has a few elements of socialism in it policies.


On the 2016 presidential race, Thor Halvorssen criticized Hilary Clinton. The former secretary of state has taken millions of dollars in donations from dictatorial regimes in Africa and the Middle East for her Clinton Foundation. Many of these countries restrict women’s rights, execute homosexuals and ban freedom of the press. Mrs. Clinton should not be accepting donations from such countries and leaders says Thor Halvorssen. He said that Bernie Sanders is the better candidate in the democratic primary ballot because he has nothing to do with abusers of human rights, while Clinton does. As for the Republican nominee, he says that Trump must respect minorities and religious groups. His rhetoric can be deemed offensive and he must show that the US respects all people.

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