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When exercising, you need clothing that fits well and offers you the support that you need to have a comfortable workout. You also want clothing that will last longer than one time at the gym. If the clothes are trendy and stylish, then you can look fantastic while getting your groove on. Until recently, in order to get quality clothing that was stylish, you had to shop at the expensive name brands. That simply is not in the budget for most people. Then in 2013, Fabletics was launched to help fill that gap. Fabletics offers the same quality clothing of the expensive, premium name brands, but at a price that people can actually afford each month. Their main business revolves around their monthly subscription service, where their members pay a monthly fee to have a two to three piece outfit delivered right to your door.


To help you get started with a Fabletics membership, you can receive a discounted outfit. To help choose your outfit and tailor the website to your preferences, you can take their lifestyle quiz. The quiz helps Fabletics get to know you and your exercise and lifestyle preferences and habits. This will help determine and narrow down the outfit choices available on their website. This streamlines your shopping process, making it quick and easy to find an outfit that you will love. This gives you back more time to spend living your life and shopping for that perfect workout outfit. Then, each month, some hand-picked outfits will be emailed to you to choose from, or you can pick out your own. The outfit you pick will then be sent to you for your low monthly membership fee. You will always have a great outfit every month, with little effort or money spent looking fantastic. If you live near one of their new, physical stores, you can go into their stores to see and try on their clothes before you purchase them. You can purchase them with your VIP discount or use your monthly outfit credit to get your outfit. You can also see the clothes in the store and still just purchase online. The stores and website work together to offer you another layer of customer service. They are a great way for you to see the clothes, styles, and trends that are available.


Once you try on Fabletics clothing, you will see why they have so many loyal members. The clothes are always soft and comfortable. You will want to wear them everywhere that you go. To the gym, for a run, to the grocery store, the coffee shop, running errands, a day out with the family, you can and will want to wear them everywhere. The clothes are always trendy and stylish, so you will look great wherever you go in your clothes. Even after several wearings, the clothing will retain its compression and shape, so when you head out for that strenuous workout, your clothing will give you the support that you need. The colors won’t fade either, so you’ll always look great too!