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Democracy in the political system has been curtailed by the lobbyist since most of the individuals in power have a greater desire towards ensuring that their wishes are fulfilled first. As result of this factor, the desires of citizens end up being pushed to the second place as the rich and elite in the society continue to thrive. Most governments have eventually become tools for minting money for the wealthy, and this has resulted in a situation where the masses have become quite angry. Therefore, Political Organization Committees such as End Citizens United have come out to fully condemn actions of the few wealthy personalities, who ensure that they manipulate the election process so that they can be able to gain from the government when the election outcome goes their way.


The minority individuals in the American society have become ignored because the wealthy end up getting a direct pass to do anything, since they had initially invested massively in the campaign process of a few leaders. Whatever impunity they get to commit goes unanswered. The situation has escalated to the point that the men and women in Congress cannot do anything to reverse the harmful effect that is brought about by the investments that are made by the elite during campaigns.


End Citizens United under the command of Tiffany Muller has committed itself towards ensuring that the entire process is reversed and it is the voters who have the power to manipulate actions that are being undertaken by the political elite. The PAC has managed to raise $4 million and it is looking forward to bring in approximately $35 million before the year comes to an end thanks to the efforts of donors who have subscribed to the policies of the movement. End Citizens United currently has 100,000 members, which is an indication that more people in the American society are continually becoming tired of the broken system that dictates how campaigns should be financed.


End Citizens United has more plans in the future, and its prominence has been aggregated by the various decisions that have been made by Donald Trump, the current leader of the United States. After being elected into office, he ended up assigning different political barons seats in Congress, merely because they invested into his bid for the presidency. According to Tiffany Muller, it would only be possible to counter such effects by electing leaders into Congress whose interests are in contrast with those of President.