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The Three Things You Do Not Want To Do During Promotion On Social Media, According To Edwin Miranda.Social media is part of any company promotional tactics, or at least it should be. Sometimes, though, companies can make small mistakes with their social media accounts during the promotion aspect of your production. That is why Edwin Miranda has a few tips on how to avoid some of those mistakes.

1) Any endorsement you give to a blogger on social media you are, in a sense, giving your own seal of approval unless you include a disclaimer at the beginning, according to Edwin Miranda. That is why you should pay attention to what is going on your social media platform. Report any untrue, dangerous, or disturbing images or text to the appropriate people. You cannot expect your audience to know the difference. According to Edwin Miranda, endorsements that go unreported are subject to investigation.

2) Did you know that spreading details about the product without disclosing you work for the company can place you in a compromising position? It is only natural to get excited about a product. However, too much excitement can be considered a compromise in ethics, according to Edwin Miranda. You have to mention that you represent the company if you decide to go online and talk up the products.

3) You cannot, under any circumstances, go online and fish for a job when you use the social platforms for company use. User-generated content is frowned upon in a lot of circles. You could find yourself out of a job if you did that. Social media is a great way to promote your company’s brand and loyalty. You need to use it for the power of good though.