Dojo Plans to Use $21 Million to upgrade its App that Creates Parent-teacher Meeting Platform

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ClassDojo has generated a record $21 million in its second round of project funding aimed at connecting educators to parents of students and assisting them to communicate consistently about learner’s activities, and their social life development at school.

Benefits of the ClassDojo program

Parents can track the behavior of students at the school. The parents can communicate the entire year and even during the school day. Therefore, the parents or guardians are saved from being surprised with incidents discussed once per term especially during the parent-teacher meeting.

Statements from Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary

The series B funding was closed towards the end of 2015. The funds raised will be used to expand their team and find out both the features and content that is useful to parents using the app. The parents will use the app during school days or on weekends. According to Chaudhary, the app will assist parents to initiate and control conversations at home and enhance or support the learning and growth their children are experiencing at school.

How it works

Teachers utilize ClassDojo to develop a schedule of activities that parent are accustomed to on a daily basis. They can use the app during the day to capture and send pictures or videos to parents displaying learner’s latest projects or engagement in activities.

A Summary on ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a communication avenue that assists teachers, students, and parents to share the school day events through photos, messages, and video. It helps teachers to come up with innovative ideas that are likely to boost the quality of education. Teachers can offer personalized learning and create a favorable studying environment for students. The primary mission of ClassDojo is to provide teachers, students, and parent an opportunity to improve the standards of education. The platform enables the community to participate in activities that are likely to better the lives of students through education.

The ClassDojo software creates behavior reports that are eventually shared with both the students and parents. The software monitors behaviors such as hard work, teamwork, persistence, curiosity, and creativity. The platform was officially launched back in August 2011. It gained instant popularity within a span of few years. For instance, the platform has over 3.5 million users comprised of students, teachers, and parents. More than two-thirds of schools present in the United States as well as other schools in 180 countries across the globe use the platform.


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