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To be successful in a highly saturated industry, an entrepreneur has to be smart and innovative. The more the players providing similar goods, the more bargaining power customers have. Which means that they need to creative and communicate with their clients using as many platforms as they can. Doe Deere, is one of the most successful make up entrepreneurs in the industry today. She discusses her challenging and success story with Ideaminsch.



Doe Deere began Lime Crime Makeup Company in 2008 at a time when lipstick came in dull and reserved colors. Having a love for colors, Doe couldn’t find a lipstick that expressed what she felt. Instead of waiting for the bigwigs to come up with the idea, she decided to take her chance and give the world what they wanted. Lime Crime was born and so far is one of the most appreciated companies in the world with a large follow up base on social media.



Doe shows her creativity and strong leadership from how she treats her clients and employees. She doesn’t believe in the iron kind of leadership. Rather, she likes inspiring her employees and interacting with them. This encourages communication which inspires innovation. Employees at Lime Crime are encouraged to keep a friendly working environment and interact with one another.



Prior to starting Lime Crime Doe was pursuing her long term dreams in the music industry. As a musician, she experienced plenty of challenges that she believes moulded her into who she is today. Booking events and few people showing up was heart breaking but she learned to be grateful for people who took the time. Also, through this venture, she learned to diversify her talents and get the best from all her talents.



Doe speaks to women through her products. Before any product is introduced in the market, Doe Deere first tests it on herself. This inspires confidence and shows that she indeed is a caring entrepreneur and not after profits. Moreover, she encourages her customers to use makeup to complement their mood and as a form of expression.



So far, Lime Crime has launched various lipsticks to the world which are highly appreciated. The colors range from red, purple, green, lime and other bright shades. Doe takes her time to explain to her clients how and when to apply the lipsticks. The Queen of Unicorns walks with her clients through their journey and likes encouraging them on daily basis.


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