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Bruno Fagali is one of Brazil’s most competent lawyers in ethics, compliance, urban and regulatory law. He has been involved in some of the most innovative and transformative changes to the Brazilian legal sector. He started his legal career in 2006 and has experience in a variety of legal disciplines. He has since left and started his own legal firm, the Fagali Law Firm. Currently, in addition to practising law privately, he is also the corporate and integrity manager at Nova.

Bruno studied law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He also has masters in law and a specialisation certificate in administrative law. He has enough legal experience in Brazil to understand what works and what does not work. He believes that there is a lot that needs to be done to transform Brazil’s legal sector. Among the things that he is thinking about is the integration of technology into legal practice in order to make service delivery simpler.

Brazil is a country that has three decades of ups and downs in the implementation of law and order. Some of the greatest challenges that have faced the country include lack of competent legal assistance to people that need it, the fact that majority of the population cannot afford legal help and a struggling legal training support sector. These are some of the issues that Bruno Fagali hopes to get an opportunity to address as he progresses with his legal career.

The Fagali law firm was made to make sure that rule of law is upheld in the largest democracy in South America. When the company started, Bruno had a handful of employees but he is currently expanding his network. While it is true that legal issues such as personal injury law, employment law and other areas of legal practice are yet to come of age in Brazil, Bruno observes that a lot of progress has been made. He adds that the fact that people acknowledge these areas of legal expertise and their importance is enough evidence that things are changing. Bruno’s law firm organises workshops and other summits where the state of law and order is discussed. He is a member of the Brazilian legal counsel and is one of the most sought after speakers in law. Bruno also participates in charities and other philanthropic causes. He is a true inspiration, and he hopes to leave behind a strong legacy.