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It’s no secret that New York City is one of, if not the, single toughest real estate market on the planet. With sky high prices, so many different locations, and very picky customers looking for the perfect location, it truly takes someone talented with both new ideas and veteran experience to make it in this climate. The recent economic downturn caused by the burst of the housing bubble further complicates an already challenging environment. This is what makes the rise of TOWN Residential so much more impressive.


A relatively young company, TOWN Residential has grown from a fledgling business to a leader in the New York City real estate market in just a few short years. In fact, an article was published discussing in detail how TOWN Residential already has opened its 10th office in the city. This new office is in Manhattan near the Hudson River. This gives TOWN Residential access to a completely new environment in New York City, allowing the company to further expand its already wide variety of various locales from which it can offer customers to choose from.


This office is located on West 14th street. It is 7100 square feet and complete with 16 foot high ceilings and a third floor roof terrace. The TOWN Residential leadership knows that the perfect work environment is required to foster the best ideas. These ideas will lead to more happy and satisfied customers and further growth of the company. In addition, the new office gives the TOWN Residential team a beautiful location to bring prospective customers. This point is very important because those looking for the best in the luxury real estate market will be able to see that TOWN Residential has already found the best real estate for their office location. This gives customers increased confidence in the company.


While only five years old, TOWN Residential has quickly grown to become the premier real estate team in the city. They ensure that the needs of the customer are placed before the needs of the company, taking the time to ensure that every prospective real estate purchase aligns perfectly with all of the client’s desires. This kind of meticulous attention to detail is what sets TOWN Residential apart from every other provider in the New York City. With an impressive track record of happy and satisfied customers, TOWN Residential is a shining example to every other company in the area.