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Talk about a cool and stylish hospital, and Copa Star is the first in mind. Copa Star is among the modern medical amenities in Brazil. Its construction footprint covers approximately 10,000 meters on five floors. The hospital has a bed capacity of 150 including 45 Intensive Care Units, 105 rooms and nine operating units in addition to diagnostic centers. In the whole construction process of Copa Star Hospital, Penetron Admix was utilized in the hydrostatic slab. It was then poured on the walls for retention to facilitate low permeability and enhance structural durability. For the construction of joints, the architects used waterstop SW-55.

Copa Star is located in an elite and differentiated environment with a five-star restaurant on In the urban area, the hospital hosts a unique physical address featuring exquisite architecture. The surrounding is inhibited by skilled professionals who offer excellent personal care, agility, and safety for healthy and longer lives. To most patients who have been at Copa Star Hospital, the facility offered high-quality personal care overriding their expectations. Copa Star is the excellent facility for patients who demand the highest quality services in medical attention. At Copa Star, technology and medicine have a synergy in a bid to treat patients while ensuring safety and protection in the facility.

Specialty and Infrastructure
Copa Star focuses on providing multidisciplinary personal care through innovative techniques. The techniques include cardiac surgery and neurosurgery. Having been built with the modern medical equipment, Copa Star features unique, stylish rooms for operations. They include hybrid rooms, neurosurgery operating rooms, telemedicine, high-quality imaging equipment and robotic medicine. For medical practitioners and nurses, Copa Star is a calm and healthy environment for work.

Physically located in Latin America, the hospital merges technology with unique integrated processes to achieve excellent medical care and provide treatment for diseases. Copa Star has invested in modern and innovative strategies on made for patients, doctors and families in that order. The series follows the state’s medical standards. It has many units of experienced multidisciplinary employees with enough training for excellent patient care and treatment.

Patient’s Menu
Not only does Copa Star provide good health care but also, healthy menus supplementing the drugs. The facility has a five-star restaurant featuring quality culinary services on Scoopnest. Also accessible to the citizens of the nation, the restaurant is headed by a top Chef called Steve Moreillon. The menu originates from a recent compilation. It features a concoction of healthy cuisine. The fascinating characteristics of the menu at Copa Star Facility is the fact that it is generated from the doctor’s opinion on patient’s disease and prescription drugs. Be it diabetes, cancer or blood pressure, the menu generates from the physician’s instructions.