Contributions of Alfonso de Angoitia to the Operations of Grupo Televisa

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Top media companies in Mexico are opening active operations in the US. The technological advancements in this industry are making this possible. The current trend is the launch of digital platforms and company websites by media enterprises. Implementation of digital strategies proves to be exciting and more productive in the process of producing and distributing news and information to a broad audience base. This forum is fast and reaches more viewers through internet advertising. Many media companies have incorporated this into their system resulting in an increase in this year’s media revenue to $ 91 billion.

Top media companies like Televisa and Azteca are taking the initiative in understanding the global market to execute this transformation in the press sector. The introduction of smartphones facilitates the video industry to grow day by day. These companies have entered mergers with each other to double both their financial and investment strengths. They can introduce high-quality content incorporated using digital techniques.

Alfonso de Angoitia is the executive manager at Grupo Televisa firm. He has in-depth Intel on the operations of the company working as a financial officer at the company for four years. During this period he supervised the global financial operations of the enterprise. Alfonso de Angoitia also facilitated the contact between Univision and Televisa worth $ 1.2 billion. As an asset to the company, he is among the committee members of the company’s board of directors. Alfonso completed his degree in Law studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Before him joining Grupo Televisa, Alfonso de Angoitia worked at White& Case LLC in New York. Alfonso de Angoitia is a member of the following board memberships Innova Sky, Operbes Peste, Empress Cablevision, Americas Society and Univision Communications. He is among the fantastic four group of Grupo Televisa composed of both friends and business people. Alfonso de Angoitia also takes part in philanthropic work as being both a member and foreman of the Kardias Foundation.