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Some bits of business advice never go out of style. For example, the oft-heard admonition of business consultants to diversify one’s portfolio, thereby reducing overall risk and balancing one’s investment yields, is still considered canny advice. That one of the best ways to diversify is to buy real estate, or as Will Rogers once quipped, “buy land they’re not making any more of it,” still has proponents, and with good cause. In today’s age of retrofitting, it’s true that land may not grow anew, but it does get a second, and often, even a third life, with today’s gentrified area becoming tomorrow’s urban renewal project. Every incarnation puts money in someone’s pockets.

And for those investors anxious to make the most out of both of these tried and true chestnuts of business wisdom there is on the market now a new business mobile app, developed by Davos Real Estate Group, a partnering group of Davos Financial Group, founded by David Osio, a business leader with a firm understanding of both the US and International business economies. David made his way through the highest echelons of the Latin American business world, taking on executive roles in both OPED Enterprise and LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES, before veering towards the sector of business law, joining the law firm MGO in Venezuela, eventually filling a slot as in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino ( BLI) in Florida, where he was promoted to Vice President of Banking Commercial. Read more:

Oslo now he heads “The Davos Financial Group” of companies, the first of its kind in Venezuela, and a long-time provider of asset management services for elite clients. With expansion, the group now has branch sites in areas like, Miami and New York City, and now, at last, even the hometown of ordinary business Joes, who can download the group’s newest business tool, the Davos CAP Calculator for free. Created to easily and accurately project property revenues, through an analysis of a property’s perceived operation costs, for example mortgages and rental agreements, inflation, likely maintenance costs, as well as the cost of buying and selling the property, the app, which can be used on iPhone, iPad, and for Google Play for Android devices, is available for download, from the iTunes store.

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