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There are many challenges involved with being a teacher. One of those challenges includes connecting with parents and students. Over the last seven years Classdojo has making this much easier. The mobile application allows teachers to communicate with parents through messaging, pictures and video. It has become very popular around the world. Now the app is preparing to take another giant step forward.

Since it’s creation in 2011, Classdojo has never charged their teachers or their parents. Amazingly they have been one of the few applications to survive with this model. Now Classdojo is looking to expand it’s app. They are looking to add features through a subscription service. The new changes will be known as ‘Beyond School.’ The focus of Beyond School will be to teach students techniques such as meditation and mindfulness to help them grow as people.

Beyond School will have a number of different features. For starters they will use a system in which parents can give points to their children just like in the current model. Now parents can create their own criteria for giving out points. Students who use classdojo love the avatars they can choose. Now students will have the ability to create and customize their own application. The avatars will now truly represent them.

Beyond School will also have a number of informational videos. Many of these videos are designed to guide parents through the process of using meditation and mindfulness with their kids. Students will also have the ability to record videos in response to questions from their parents.

Classdojo’s ability to survive without charging customers is a credit to the company and its investors. Now they are prepared to take a step forward. Beyond School is currently being piloted in select schools and will be available to everyone starting February of 2019 for less than ten dollars a month.

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