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A video marketing company that is rapidly developing known as Talk Fusion has received a significant award for the second consecutive year. The prize referred to as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year was in recognition of the video chat product the company introduced. The award is bestowed on the innovative creation of exceptionally attractive services or products that substantially enable video, voice and data transmission and communication that has been brought to the market within the last one year.



The event that was hosted by Technology Marketing Corporation decided that the company- Talk Fusion deserved to win. The Chief Executive Officer and founder of the business Bob Reina were very grateful because of the honor his business was given, and he said it was a great pleasure for the company to be selected as a winner of the year’s best product. He promised to bring more improvements to the technology they invented. To make the company a real leader in the industry, they will come up with other innovations.



Talk Fusion has simply devices a better way through which those who use their video chat feature known as WebRTC technology can communicate face to face with anyone else around the world using any device. It does not matter what device you are using – it can be a computer, tablet or smartphone, the app the company developed will still enable you to communicate via video. Today the app can be found in Google Play Store or iTunes, and since its release in March 2016, it has been widely downloaded by people around the world. The second award that Talk Fusion got openly indicates that the company is becoming a prominent player in the evolution of technologies for communication. The CEO was emphatically confident that better products were on the way coming.



The world’s first comprehensive solution for video marketing communication has been developed by Talk Fusion. The innovative products of the company are marketed on an individual basis in over 140 countries by Independent Associates. It was established in 2007 by Bob Reina, and it believes in corporate social responsibility.