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The most successful investors in the competitive market are those that can take on difficult situations with a lot of courage. Running a business has never been easy, especially in a market that is full of challenges. Whitney Wolfe understands this concept very well. In her career in the dating world, the businesswoman has dealt with numerous challenges, and she has always emerged victorious. Her dating application has taken the American market by a storm, and it is currently one of the leading dating sites that are found in the country. Enjoying this amount of success in the American market does not come easily. Wolfe has had to work so hard since the time she started the company, and this is why she currently commands a lot of success in the market.

Bumble is an application that seeks to offer women an upper hand, especially when it comes to the matters concerning dating. With her excellent skills in dating, Wolfe had led her followers to get the right life partners. Her competitors, on the other hand, have not been happy about this success. Most of them have tried all the possible techniques to ensure that the company comes down. Despite these challenges, Wolfe has refused to let go of the company ownership, and she is determined to forge ahead and make more customers regardless of the situation in the market. Her company has introduced a new app that focuses on women relationships.

Match Group is a popular institution that currently owns Tinder, a leading dating site in the American market too. For some time now, there have been complex reports that Match Group has plans to acquire Bumble, and they have been doing everything possible to make the acquisition process successful. Wolfe has, however, announced to her customers that this is not going to be possible, even in the future. Regardless of the amount of money Tinder will be offering, Wolfe has said that she will never sell her organization. Match Group recently went to court and laid a case against Bumble, claiming that the leaders of the company had stolen some company secrets. Wolfe, on the other hand, believes that the case that has been presented in court is only a way of frustrating the company president to sell the institution. Wolfe says that her company is ready for the case in court, and it will not be allowing Match to get the ownership of the dating site.

The Fagali’l Airport is a great destination in which to land for your vacation to the beautiful city of Apia. As we are aware, when visiting Apia – without family or friends living in the city – we would likely have to stay in a hotel, that’s just simple logic. But, what are some of the nicer hotels that surround the Fagali’l Airport? What are some of the hotels that are worth a lasting impression that we would definitely want to take back with us to our home country?

Hotels Near the Fagali’l Airport

* Lynn’s Getaway Accommodations – starts at $39 per night. A really reasonable hotel starts out with the inclusion of one double or two twin beds, fits two guests comfortably. Includes a free breakfast and free wi-fi.

* Apia Central Hotel – starts at $50 per night. Starts out with the inclusion of one double bed, but an additional bed and space are added according to price. Breakfast is included.

* Hotel Millenia Samoa – starts at $70 per night. Includes one queen bed and an additional twin bed is added for an additional $17, which also includes additional space to fit three guests. Also includes a breakfast.

There are many other hotels that are available around the Fagali’l airport as well, some may be a little more pricier:

* Tanoa Tusitala Hotel – $121 per night

* Taumeasina Island Resort – $195

* Insel Fehmarn Hotel

* Talofa Inn

…and many others. No matter where you and your family stays amongst the mentioned hotels, these hotels have been commonly reviewed as the better of the hotels that surrounds the Fagali’l Airport.

Come on out for your next vacation to the beautiful city of Apia. Beautiful beaches, historic volcanoes, luxurious museums, exhilarating rock sliding, fresh Samoan foods, shopping and more! Apia is one of the highest rated vacation locations in the world! Come find out why.

About the Fagali’l Airport

The Fagali’l Airport is a small airport located just a few minutes from Apia. It includes a friendly Samoan staff rich in Samoan culture; sufficient transportation accommodations of buses, shuttles, taxis, rental cars and limo services; a currency exchange; a mini convenience market and more. Fly in to the Fagali’l airport today and take advantage of some really great deals.


For quite some time now the world has been moving toward being more friendly to the environment. This friendliness to the environment has impacted every industry in existence. The railway industry was impacted and companies such as National Steel Car change the ways they did business to promote environmental health. It has also impacted the airline industry and companies such as the United Technologies Corporation change the inner workings of their company to produce fewer emissions. However, one of the industries that was impacted the most by this trend is the architecture industry.

The American Institute of Architects takes the idea of global warming and climate change extremely seriously. Their chief executive officer, Robert Ivy, believes that it is the architect that is the front-line warrior when it comes to sustaining the environment. This is because the architect creates buildings that directly impact nature.

Robert Ivy was promoted from his position of vice President to the role of chief executive officer seven years ago. Sense then, he has led the American Institute of Architects to completely restructuring the inner organization so that they can begin promoting public health and environmental sustainability. They also spent time creating ways to spread this knowledge throughout the entire profession so that architects can begin implementing things immediately.

Once the American Institute of Architects was ready, Robert Ivy announced to the world the decade of design initiative. This initiative is made public at the Clinton foundation dinner of 2017. There, Robert Ivy presented to the 1000 influencers and game changers what his organization planned to do. He discussed how the American Institute of Architects wanted to research and developed techniques that architects could use to help buildings be more sustainable over time and have a minimal influence on the environment. He discussed how they wanted to create ways that would allow buildings to stop their impact on the environment and leave a green footprint on this world.

All 1000 people present immediately stood he gave Robert Ivy a standing ovation. They welcomed his plan to promote public health and sustain the climate by helping buildings built environmental resilience. On that occasion, he received several invitations to be the keynote speaker for various corporations. They hope that by combining their strength and skills together that architects may learn how to build not only elegant buildings but ones that interweave with the unique needs of Earth’s nature.


It is common to hear that a junior employee has been fired but an executive fired for misconduct is a rare case. In his recent blog, Bruno Fagali explains why Ford CEO Raj Nair was fired. Raj has been working with the multinational since 1987. He began his career as an engineer then Technical Director then Global Director of Product Development and then finally promoted as CEO. An internal investigation was carried out by the compliance department at Ford following an anonymous complaint. The company did not give much information about the anonymous letter.

It is unclear as to what kind of misconduct (s) was carried out by the former CEO of Ford. However, Fagali observes that in the 90s the same company entered into a $22 million agreement with the EEOC over management prosecution over misconduct such as sexual harassment. In 2017 the company also parted with $10,125 million over the same issues. The newly appointed CEO Tim Hackett issued a statement assuring the community that the company will not tolerate any misconduct in the future. Fagali explains that the above case illustrates that all the employees in an organization must comply with the set standards whether junior or executive. A company that experiences cases of misconduct in regards to prejudice (sexual, racial, gender) and harassment should undertake training to help its employees understand the consequences of such actions. The training should be designed to prevent and monitor noncompliance within the company. In Brazil, a proof is required that the company carried a thorough internal investigation of the matter. In the United States, however, a proof is not a necessity.

Bruno Fagali is an expert lawyer in administrative law, compliance, ethics, urban law and regulatory law. He writes a blog post on his website about his interpretation of different cases in the world. He started his career back in 2006 and had worked with different law firms in Brazil. Currency he is the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/BS which is among the top advertising agency in Brazil. At NOVA/SB he helped come up with a new policy that recognizes both employees and members. He also has a practice named Fagali Law Firm that provides legal counsel and represent clients in courts. Fagali is known as a corporate lawyer helping drive transparency and integrity in Brazil by campaigning against acts such as corruption. Corruption is a significant concern among the public in Brazil, and its government is investing efforts in giving back faith to its citizens.

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The American Institute of Architects is an organization designed to encourage and foster a new generation of architects. Architecture solves problems with designs, and the AIA works to promote the designers of tomorrow while preserving the past. Robert Ivy performs this job. He is the chief executive officer at the institution. The AIA functions out of Washington D.C., and the business operates with 206 staff members and has an annual budget of approximately $55 million.

Before his work at AIA, Robert was getting an education in New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated with a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University. He received his bachelors in English from Sewanee University in Tennessee.

In the early 2000’s, Robert was vice president of McGraw-Hill and worked as the editorial director of the construction publications. His duties involved managing 16 print periodicals, such as HQ Magazine, Constructor, and ENR a publication on engineering and construction. Besides the print media, Ivy had 17 digital products to maintain.

Ivy worked at the Architectural Record in 1996. Some of his accomplishments at the Record include seven Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Awards. The company Folio is a professional news publication. In 2008, the Record won the Enthusiast Award from MPA Digital Award for the website of the year.

The American Society of Magazine Editors has also acknowledged Ivy’s continuous commitment to excel and produce quality material. While at the Record, he was honored with the Award for General Excellence from the society. Rarely do they select a professional publication for this award. The American Business Media presented The Crain to Ivy in 2009 to praise and recognize his achievements in the world of publication and press.

Putting pen to paper is another accomplishment that Robert Ivy can say he has done. Fay Jones: Architect, published in 2001, is in its third edition. The story is of the American architect who worked under Frank Lloyd Wright. Euine Fay Jones life spanned from 1921 to 2004.

Robert Ivy and the American Institute of Architects will continue their efforts in advancing the art of design and architecture. Ivy will have a watchful eye as emerging technology, energy needs, and a changing population plays a crucial role in the future of design and architecture.

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The American Institute of Architecture was first called the New York Society of Architects when it was chartered in 1857. The group of 13 local architects soon decided that the name was too specific, changing the group’s name to its current iteration. The moved proved to be a good one as the institute grew rather quickly. Local chapters of the AIA popped up all over New England and by the 1880s there were local chapters as far west as Saint Louis, Missouri.

The AIA was formed in order to elevate the profession and provide a set of standards for architects of the day. In 1857 there were schools for architecture and no licensing programs so any person could call themselves an architect. The AIA changed that. In order to be a member of the AIA, one must have graduated from an accredited architectural program and be a licensed architect by a state licensure program. The result, as of 2008 there were over 90,000 architects with membership in the AIA. There are currently over 260 local chapters across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

Known as one of the premier architectural critics of the past 20 years, Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and CEO of the AIA. He was named to the position in 2011 after a long career in the field. Robert graduated from the University of the South with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and then attended Tulane University where he received a Master’s in Architecture. He then became a principal at Dean/Dale Dean & Ivy, where he worked as an architect from 1981 to 1996. In 1996 Ivy became the Editorial Director at the Architectural Record. Under his management, the publication has won numerous awards including 26 Jesse H. Neal awards and an Award for General Excellence by the American Society of Magazine Editors.

Robert Ivy also serves as the Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media and is an accomplished author. In 2001, Ivy published the authoritative biography of the famous apprentice of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, title Fay Jones: Architect. Ivy continues to be a large voice in the architectural community and is dedicated to bringing architecture into the 21st century.

The political world is in complete upheaval right now, thanks in large part to the election of Donald Trump and the systematical dismantling of our nations most proud institutions due to Trump’s administration. With all of that being said, hope has not been lost and there are groups working tirelessly in order to ensure that changes back to normalcy are coming. One of those groups is End Citizens United, a political action committee, and they are looking to make an impact in one election specifically — the Pennsylvania Special Election that is coming up on March 13th.

In 2018 we are looking at a huge year of elections and this could possibly be one of the most important election years in recent memory. In 2018 the Congressional Midterms will begin and there is hope around the nation that a corresponding Blue Wave will be coming. For that Blue Wave to take effect, Democratic nominee Conor Lamb will have to find success in a traditionally red district against a Republican by the name of Rick Saccone. Saccone is a 59-year-old former military intelligence officer who has the backing of Donald Trump himself.

Conor Lamb is only 33-years-old but he has already established himself as someone who can flourish in a traditional red area thanks to his reach into both mill towns and rural areas. Lamb’s going to still need some help overcoming the Republican money-making machine. Thankfully, End Citizens United is stepping in to help fulfill that mission.

End Citizens United has been making noise for the past two years as one of the most prominent grassroots, progressive fundraising groups. End Citizens United was established in order to make their name a reality by introducing progressive legislators into the highest levels of government in order to repeal the 2010 SCOTUS decision regarding the conservative group Citizens United. The Citizens United decision essentially allowed corporations and big businesses unfettered access to introducing dark money into politics. The reasons why this are bad remain pretty obvious.

End Citizens United’s decision to endorse Conor Lamb shouldn’t surprise anyone. Lamb has already agreed to champion progressive politics in areas that he finds agreeable and he has also become a champion for campaign finance reform. Right now, Democrats are sweeping through the nation taking House seats and if Lamb finds success then the movement could gain even more momentum. Still, Lamb and ECU have a lot of work ahead of them.

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Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, which controls 500 oil rigs in over 25 countries. Anthony Petrello is a dedicated philanthropist who donated $150,000 to Yale University in memory of a beloved math professor. In addition, he pledged to match donations up to $150,000. Altogether, he hopes that the donations will reach $450,000.

Anthony Petrello has been with Nabors Industries since 1991. He has been the driving force behind the growth and expansion of Nabors Industries. He specifically helped grow their offshore oil rigging projects, causing Nabors Industries to be a leader in the offshore oil rigging market. In addition, under Anthony Petrello’s leadership, Nabors Industries has developed the safest and largest oil rigs in the world.

Some people say that in Texas, everything is bigger. This certainly applies to Anthony Petrello and his donations. He pledged to donate $5 million to the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. He will donate another 2 million dollars in the near future. This will enable the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital to come up with new treatment options to help children who have disabilities lead better lives.

Anthony Petrello has a unique perspective on the needs of ill children. His daughter was born prematurely and suffered from a lack of oxygen flow to the brain. This caused her to develop cerebral palsy. She is unable to perform simple tasks. Anthony and his wife have worked hard their entire lives to make sure that their daughter gets the best opportunities and has the best chance to get better and succeed. This caused Anthony to have the perspective that he needs to help out other children as well. That is why he donated so much money to the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Anthony Petrello hopes that through his donations and the donations of others like him, the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital will be able to come up with a cure for cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. He hopes that his daughter and children like her will be able to be cured. Anthony knows that the team at Texas Children’s Hospital has been doing their best to help out his daughter and other children, and he is full of praise for them. Anthony has never given up hope on a cure for his daughter.

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Prior to 1857, anyone in the United States who declared themselves to be an architect was one. Despite many great examples of high American architecture prior to that date, there were still no binding rules or tests of admission for someone to become an architect. Anyone, no matter their level of training, knowledge or expertise, had equal claim to anyone else as far as calling themselves an architect was concerned.

This state of affairs was untenable for a profession that aspired to high achievement and import. As a result, in 1857, New York’s most prominent architects combined their efforts and formed the American Institution of Architects, a professional organization that had as its mission the furtherance of the architectural trades through the maintenance of high standards, ethics and excellence of craft.

These efforts proved to be a pivotal action as American cities began a period of unprecedented expansion over the following decades. With the advent of the first true skyscraper in 1884, American architecture entered a boom period that arguably hasn’t abated up to the present. By 1908, the Singer Building in New York City topped out at 47 stories and 612 feet in stature, making it the world’s tallest building, albeit briefly. Only 25 years before, the tallest building had been just a tiny fraction of that height.

The skyscraper marked the beginning of a new paradigm of urban living. And the styles in which these monuments of steel and chrome towered towards the sky were uniquely American in character. It is almost hard to overstate the importance that the establishment of the American Institute of Architects played in all of this. The public, many members of which had grown up in farmhouses and other rural settings, quickly learned to trust their lives to novelties like taking an elevator to the 30th floor. Without this level of public trust, largely instilled by the manifest professionalism required by the AIA of all its members, the great skyscrapers from Chicago to New York would have likely stood vacant. Instead, they became a linchpin in the American project, with the country becoming the dominant economic force on the planet throughout the 20th century.

Today, the AIA is run by renowned architect and historian Robert Ivy. His chairmanship is one that has been held by some of the greatest names in U.S. architectural history. Under his guidance, the organization is intent on designing a better future for all.

If you haven’t heard of Ted Bauman, he is an editor with The Sovereign Society, a publishing company predicated on providing advice related to tax strategies and investments. Bauman has been with the company since 2013 and is responsible for editing three publications: Smart Money Alert, The Bauman Letter, and lastly, Plan B Club.

Although a United States citizen, Bauman attended the University of Cape Town (located in South Africa), where he earned his Master’s degree in History and Economics. After completing his studies, Buman began a career that would span 25 years in the African continent; Bauman has held a succession of high-profile roles throughout his illustrious career, which included positions in the nonprofit realm, most notably low-cost housing. Throughout much of the 2000’s, Bauman worked for several government agencies (in varying capacities) like the European grant-making agencies, the United Nations, and the South African government; his roles typically involved consultative work, housing and urban planning, and finance. Many of these roles contributed to Bauman becoming a worldly businessman; he has traveled throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia.

It wasn’t until 2008 before Bauman would return to the United States; after making his way back into the country, he landed a role with the renowned Habitat for Humanity, serving as the organization’s Director of International Housing. He remained with Habitat for Humanity until 2013, which is when he decided to pursue his true passions, research, and writing. This newfound passion would ultimately lead Ted Bauman to The Sovereign Society in 2013.

In addition to his editorial work with the Smart Money Alert, The Bauman Letter, and the Plan B Club, Bauman contributes to The Sovereign Investor Daily, which is comprised of articles related to international migration, asset protection, and privacy issues. Furthermore, Bauman has been praised for his contributions to international journals like the Small Enterprise Development and Urbanization and The Journal of Microfinance. He also Co-authored “Where to Stash Your Cash (legally),” which provides readers with a wealth of information related to saving on taxes, investing and growing money, protecting wealth, and a number of other topics related to finance.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ted Bauman, he makes regular posts on his Google Plus page, where he where publically shares his views on the misappropriation of charity donations, the state of healthcare in America, the economy, and much more. As an accomplished writer, Bauman’s expositions on these various topics are eye-opening and immensely insightful, and therefore, worth reading.