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Controversy has broken out including some of San Francisco’s officials. George Gascon, San Francisco’s DA, has been accused with racist remarks. The accusations have seen set by a former Police Officers Association president, Gary Delagnes who also spent twenty-five years in he force and retired in 2013. He has set forth statements that say that he has made racially insensitive and homophobic comments. Dalagnes, who even attended George Gascon’s wedding, recalls “booze-fueled night out with union leaders” where he made those remarks. He also says that Gascon says he isn’t concerned about diversity in the police force. Delagnes submitted this on a Tuesday a week after Gascon made a speech quoting that “influences the ability for a chief of police or frankly even a police commission to effectuate reform.” Delaganes continues recalling times hearing Gascon making racial remarks again, while he was drinking alcohol, and where current POA Martin Halloran was also present. Gascon was remembering his times at the Los Angeles Police Department. He was making statements of racial profanity including minorities. He had been so loud that a African American gentleman asked him to quiet down because he was offending his family. The situation complicated when Martin Halloran came to Gascon’s rescue when he said that “the declaration speaks for itself.” Neither party gave specifics. Delagnes came back saying that “If called as a witness by Gascon’s blue ribbon panel, he will testify in more detail about the statements.” Alex Bastain came into the situation when he says that Delagnes “lacks in credibility, he makes up for in imagination.” These were Delagnes concerns of the current people in position of the SFPD. Check out this video on Youtube for more information.

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