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Is there a political figure that is less well known and more talked about than George Soros? George Soros is a progress hero and a conservative boogeyman. He’s considered to be the mastermind behind every plot that the right can attribute to the left. Yet, Soros really is just a successful investor who turned his fortune toward philanthropy. George Soros was born and raised in Hungary until he and the rest of his family, all Jews, were forced to flee for their lives during the Nazi occupation. Starting over fresh in London, George was able to begin his story that would soon embody everything that we mean by the phrase “The American Dream”. Let’s dig into how Soros got to where he is and what he had to do to get there. Learn more about George at Biography.

One look at the body of work from George Soros’ career and you’d be remiss if you weren’t immediately impressed. George Soros emigrated to London and had to work multiple jobs in order to get his education at the London School of Economics. It was during these years of hard work at school and at home that Soros honed in on the man he would become today. After graduating, George Soros would take a boat and set sail to America where he would land in New York in 1956. Soros didn’t come to America to stand idly by, he came to make his dreams come true. Shortly after making it to America George Soros would establish the Soros Hedge Fund and then begin his long trek toward becoming one of the wealthiest and most giving philanthropists of all time.

Having been in Hungary when half of a million Hungarian Jews were killed during the Nazi occupation, Soros knew that he could never live with himself if he allowed something like that to ever again. So after becoming a successful investor George Soros would go on to establish the Open Society Foundations. This foundation is a network of philanthropic endeavors all over the globe, spanning over 130 countries, that all work toward education, progress, democracy, and social justice. Soros and his work have been integral in several important areas. Soros brought relief to African’s struggling with Apartheid. He pushed education into countries that didn’t have the money to. Soros even helped to set up grassroots activists here in the United States of America.

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One of the most notable moments in Soros’ American activist moments comes by way of the famous Ferguson Protests. Soros and the Open Society Foundations had donated nearly $33 million to activists in and around Ferguson. That meant that these activists were ready to march for equality and justice when Michael Brown was shot by Police Officer Darren Wilson. Soros’ work will continue to have these lingering effects as he pushes for his causes here and around the world. Visit to know more about George.

The sudden drop in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Poll supporting Hillary Clinton is blamed on big money spending and Russian interference. The FBI investigation into the email scandal may, as well, had some influence on voters last minute irrational decisions to vote for Trump, or not to vote at all. Political Action Committee organizations, including End Citizens United is bringing in millions of dollars to elect competent Democrats supportive of ending big money to Influence campaigns. The present conditions of American Democracy is in danger of taking away voting power from the citizens and giving corporations the power, instead. The TIME released a report recently claiming that Russia influenced the opinions of the public by the use of foreign investment money for Ads on social media.


End Citizens United’s Director and President, Tiffany Muller voiced her opinion and concerns on the present state of Democracy. She also commented on the responsibilities of Congress to change the situation in a press release, on May 19th, 2017. In her opinion, she’s convinced campaign finance laws cause vulnerability of Democracy, in America. The loopholes in the political campaign system give room for Wall Street donors and spies from other countries, such as, Russia to spend unlimited money and influence elections. End Citizens United is promoting reform of our political campaign system by passing tough disclosure laws to keep campaigns from the influence of foreign finance.


Muller places the responsibilities on U.S. Congress to reform the system and place requirements on FEC and FCC to prevent unidentified donors and untraceable donations in elections. She said that without tougher laws, local, state, and federal elections will be in danger. The integrity of Democracy was tarnished in the presidential election, but, something is being done, now, by PAC organizations to prevent interferences from foreign and anonymous contributors. In April of this year, USA Today reported news End Citizens United raised $4 million, by the end of March. Their prediction is to raise $35 million before the 2018 midterm Congress elections begins.


Political Action Committee, End Citizens United was formed March 1st, 2015 fighting for campaign finance system changes. The PAC is going after big money spending in politics by supporting Democratic candidates who have the same mission as them to reform its present state. The organization alongside other PACs are working diligently to defeat Citizens United and its unlimited money spending in rigged elections. Unlike Citizens United, End Citizens United has a limitation on the amount of money an individual can donate at one time, a $5,000 maximum. Reform of the existing political financial system will restore integrity of American Democracy.