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One of the main concerns for leaders of the motor racing sector has been the desire to make different sectors of the sport acceptable during environmentally evolving times. The amount of carbon released into the atmosphere during races of all types has led Formula 1 organizers to shift to hybrid engines and better battery technologies. In the rally sector, a different initiative has been headed by Michel Terpins who was awarded the Carbon Free Seal of the Green Initiative as far back as 2017.

After taking the second stage of the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally in Brazil in March 2017, Michel terpins and navigator Maykel Justo were rewarded for their efforts in a number of ways. Terpins is competing in his seventh Sertoes Rally and won the second stage of the 2017 edition after dropping out of the 2016 race on the first day following a crash in the Prototype one class. Despite the success, he saw in moving up to seventh overall after stage two of the 2017 event, the decision to award the driver and navigator from the MEM team were happy to be awarded the green seal during the race.

Teams have been given the option of offsetting the carbon produced by their vehicles during the race through the plating of trees in the Atlantic Forest of South America. The forest is one of the most ecologically diverse in the world and one of the most threatened by deforestation. After the second stage of the 2017 Sertoes Rally, Michel terpins and his navigator had funded the planting of enough trees to offset their carbon emissions throughout the race.

Success on the rally courses of Brazil is not a new feeling for Michel Terpins as he has made the leap from top motorcycle rally driver to success in cars with relative ease. Debuting in the motorcycle rallies in Brazil of 2002, Michel Terpins arrived in the car sector in the early-2010s and quickly adapted to become one of the top homegrown drivers in an important sector for a nation intent on global motorsports success.


Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker are the co-founders of the Infinity Group Australia, a debt-reduction company that works closely with Australian customers in order to find a way to get ahead with their financial planning. Holm jokingly calls himself a ‘financial coach’ but the truth of the matter is that he is simply correct. Holm and Walker established the company back in 2013 with the goal of helping members of the Australian community get back on track with their finances. It seems odd to say, but they probably didn’t envision the success that would soon be coming their way. Recently, Infinity Group Australia made one of the most prestigious financial publications in all of Australia when they were named the 58th Most Innovative Company in the country by the Australian Financial Review (AFR).


The Australian Financial Review is one of the most prestigious financial publications in Australia and New Zealand. With a readership close to 2 million people, making any page of the Australian Financial Review is an incredible honor and a definitive boon to the company in question. For the past seven years, the AFR has been releasing their annual list of Most Innovative Companies. In order to make the list, companies like Holm’s have to meet a deep list of standards that are performed by an analytics company known as Inventium. Inventium looks at businesses and weighs how much they impact the community, the services that they provide, and their cultural impact of the region. Additionally, quality of product and business success are also weighed and considered just as important for the metric. Learn more:


Holm and Walker were on hand for the 2018 Awards Gala hosted by the Australian Financial Review and they were onstage in order to get their award. Landing on the 58th spot of the list meant that Infinity Group Australia landed in as one of the top 6% of companies in the entire country. The weight of that honor wasn’t lost on Holm or Walker and both were quick to tout the quality of their team, the passion of their employees, and the good work of the Australian people who counted on them to help them out with their finances.


Graeme Holm is the engine behind the success at Infinity Group Australia, though he’d be quick to decline that title, and his work comes from a long career in the financial industry. Holm had spent 17 years working in major banking environments before realizing that he’d be better served in a different capacity and in a different context. Now, Holm is focused on working directly with people as the financial coach that they need in order to get their finances in order.












Graeme Holm, Founder of Infinity Group Australia, Accepts AFR 2018 Award

Gareth Henry is a 35 year old openly gay badminton player, gay right activist, and social worker. His birth place, Jamaica, is one of 76 countries that still criminalize same sex relationships. Gareth Henry filed for refugee status in 2008 and fled to Canada due to a death threat delivered by local police in his hometown. This death threat was following beating that Henry took at the hands of four local police officers, due to his advocacy work that he was doing for the Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG). This attack took place in front of 200 by standers. Gareth Henry has gone through the pain of 13 friends being killed due to homophobic attacks, some of which he had to identify.

On a few occasions Henry reported the harassment and threats delivered by the local police to the local government, to no avail. There was even no response to him after he was attacked in 2007, which made national headlines. Gareth Henry is currently working to hold the government of Jamaica accountable because although he was able to make it out and find asylum in Canada, there are so many other gay individuals in Jamaica that are still suffering.

Gareth Henry volunteers with Rainbow Railroad, a non profit in Canada that helps with relocating LGBTQ individuals faces with the same violence and threats he once did. In 2016 alone, he helped relocate 60 refugees, many from his home country.

“We need to band together. We need to become more of a community trying to find creative ways to be our brother’s keeper,” Henry told Ubuntu Biography Project. Although the list of LGBTQ community members seeking asylum has increased, Henry is still working to bring that LGBTQ community together, so that they can least have each other.

In August of 2017, Jamaica had it’s 3rd annual PRIDE celebration was held and Henry could not make it due to not being allowed back in the country. He continues to encourage members of LGBTQ community to stay steadfast and continue the fight justice against discrimination and hatred.

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