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It is truly remarkable when a doctor like Avi Weisfogel can aid is the research and answers to conditions like sleep apnea. In 1972 Avi Weisfogel was born. He probably knew at an early age that he wanted to help others. He studied hard and completed his high school education to go on to Rutgers University where he received his BA in Biology and Psychology. After completing those he went on to Medical school in New York. Avi received his Doctorate in Dental Science and went on to open his own office.


Avi began his career in his office called the Old Bridge Dental in New Jersey. He has a very successful dental practice. He enjoys his career but he also loves his off time. Besides work, Avi Weisfogel follows several professional sports clubs such as the Rangers, the Cleveland Browns, the Lakers and the Celtics. In January of 2016, he started a go fund me page for Operation Smile. This is a non-profit organization that performs dental procedures free of charge on people that can not afford to pay. He also volunteers some of his time to ride on the Dental clinic bus to help do teeth inspections, cleanings, and surgeries. This bus goes all around the areas of New Jersey to help people that are unable to pay to have dental work done. Operation smile is the organization that honors the bus for these people.


One thing that Avi is most proud of is his support and education on Sleep Apnea. He helps in identifying potential clients that may have signs of sleep disorders or sleep apnea. After he realizes the potentials, Avi begins to educate the clients on the dangers of leaving this condition untreated. Avi holds many lectures and seminars at his other place of business, Dental Sleep Masters. He helps other dental professionals learn about the condition and the treatments. He is now educating others on the non-invasive treatments for sleep apnea that do not involve a large face mask. The new treatments that are coming out are mentioned in his recent article on Avi hopes more people will take sleep apnea serious and begin to seek the new treatments that are available.