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Status Labs is a company in Austin, Texas that helps businesses clear up their names after controversy strikes the company and the media gives them bad press. Status Labs has helped over one thousand different companies fix their bad reputations. Some people scoff about the use of companies that help clear up bad reputations for companies, but in today’s age of the internet and social media it is a good idea to have a company like Status Labs take care of bad press coverage.

A year ago Status Labs was pulled into a status crisis of their own. One of the former executives made a poor judgement move that resulted in controversy that was put into the media spotlight by the press.

The goal Status Labs had to fix their reputation was to change their behavior that was the issue and make it a lasting change. The company had the executive resign and they ensured the news was made aware of the resignation. They put out a letter explaining that they had the executive resign and are focusing on the future of the company.

The company next chose to work more with the community so people would know they weren’t villains. They helped out with charities like Dress for Success, Caritas, Urban Roots, the Texas Food Band and the Blood and Tissue Center.

Status Labs chose to work harder on making employees happier. They created a stock option plan so they could make equity in Status Labs. They began catering lunch each Friday for employees. They even permitted some employees to bring in good behavior pets into the office. They even created outings days like kayaking and other employee activities. Status Labs also ensured to start rewarding employees who worked hard or made great contributions to the company. Last of all they started a newsletter so that each month employees are briefed on all the current things going on at Status Labs.

According to The Huffington Post, the very last step Status Labs took when improving their image was to be more careful about who they hire. The company is currently in a very positive place culturally, growth wise and have a positive looking future once again. Status Labs feels they have gained even more insight into helping out their future clients with cleaning up their image now that they have experienced it themselves and the team looks forward to helping out more businesses repair their status.

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