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FreedomPop is the mobile carrier that slowly seems to be taking over the nation. This company, though relatively under the radar, has been growing exponentially for the past several years. Fans of digital ‘pay as you go’ options need to look no further than this creative and unique opportunity. FreedomPop got their start out of Los Angeles and they’ve already spread to several countries worldwide. What makes them so special, you might be wondering, are the following reasons.

What FreedomPop brings to the table is something fundamentally different than anything else currently being offered: a free phone plan. When we say ‘free phone plan’ we truly mean it as well, there are no gimmicks involved here. What you can get simply by signing up with the company is a limited amount of talk (200 minutes), text (500 messages) and mobile data (500 MB) per month. Does that sound like all that you would need on a month to month basis? Great! Then by all accounts you’ll likely never need to spend another penny on your phone plan again.

So how does FreedomPop make money if their core service comes completely free? Well, we’ll tell you. This is where FreedomPop sets themselves truly apart: they allow customers to build plans that are unique to their needs and desires without forcing them to buy into everything that isn’t. FreedomPop has a variety of extra plans that range from WiFi add ons to completely premium upgrades, offering you unlimited everything for a tiny price. Let’s first talk about FreedomPop’s WiFi support.

WiFi is, of course, completely free to use from your FreedomPop account. However, for just $5 per month, or the cost of a cup of coffee, you can become part of the FreedomPop WiFi network. This network gives you access to over ten MILLION WiFi hotspots throughout the nation for use as much, or as little, as you desire. Now pretend that you live downtown in Chicago. Would you rather pay $5 for a free WiFi hotspot in your apartment or would you want to pay some other company essentially highway robbery for the same service?

From there FreedomPop’s options only escalate and so does your ability to really cater the company to your own needs. FreedomPop is rapidly becoming one of the largest, most reliable networks in the world and we would be shocked if they weren’t included on the ‘big list’ here in the future.

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