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Wessex Institute of Technology is located in Ashurst Lodge in South England. This is a research center and an institution of higher learning. Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) has three core principles in its mandate. It is a research center, publishing center, and a leading conference organizer.

WIT is a high ranking English institution of learning that was established back in 1986. It is located in a national park making it popular since people enjoy the serene environment.

WIT is ranked highly worldwide as an exchange center for professionals and scholars in the world. It is referred to as a center of excellence. The institution is focused on providing a platform where people in the professional spectrum can meet with people in the academic world and exchange knowledge and information.

On various occasions, the institution posts job openings. The jobs are advertised in international and local jobs’ websites and media. The jobs are categorized accordingly and given proper descriptions. Currently, there are two job openings for a researching fellow and a medical writer.

If an individual is interested in applying for any of the open position, they can do so by applying online or by sending a copy of their CV and application letters. The Wessex Institute of Technology states that it does not accept application form recruitment agencies unless they have specifically indicated that in the job advert.

The human resource office receives the applications from the candidates. With the help of a selection committee, the team shortlists a candidate and makes further contact with the candidate.

Conference hosting and planning is a core activity for Wessex Institute. It is famous worldwide for holding more than 25 conferences every year. Some of these conferences are held in the other institutions that are affiliated with Wessex Institute. The conferences serve as a point of contact between professionals and scholars, which facilitates knowledge exchange.

Wessex fulfills its mandate as publishing centre through the WIT press. The printing press is located in Ashurst lodge. The proceeding journals of the conferences, edited works, journals, and specialised research are usually published in the press.

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