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We all learn different things in life. One of the greatest life lessons I think we can all learn is the idea of no limitations and getting rid of expectations. This is another one of the primary lessons the Kabbalah Centre likes to teach. This lesson is open to everyone who wishes to learn.

Let’s take a look at an in-depth approach to what this truly means. I will be doing this by showing you a prime example. This example happened rather recently to a family member of mine. Now, I do not agree with how it went down. It did teach a valuable lesson though.


This woman had a neighbor of hers come over. She is a woman with a lot of interior barriers and walls. The neighbor came over and asked her help with something. Due to the fact that he did not ask her in the right way, she immediately put the walls up. She got defensive and barked at him.

Now, this neighbor might not have been taught the proper way of asking a question. She knows this; and yet, she still found a way to get defensive with him. This put him on the offense and he stormed out.


There’s a lot we can take away from this story. First of all, this woman completely disregarded him. She did this all due to a past disagreement they both had. Secondly, this story teaches about selfishness. This woman put her own selfish interests ahead of her neighbor’s needs.

The point is, due to this limited thinking, she is unable to connect with the “higher levels of spiritual consciousness”. Due to her believing that everything she does should come at a price, she misses out on some pretty cool experiences.

Kabbalah teaches us that you can take a negative into a positive. I am telling you about this experience so that you won’t treat others the same. We can’t control what some one else. We can control ourselves. The next time you are asked to do something, please remember what happened in this story.

Life is not about what we expect from others. It’s about what we expect for ourselves. Life is not about putting up boundaries and walls, acting out on the defensive all the time. Life is about breaking down those barriers, this way you too can see the inner light.

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