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Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital Chris Burch know what’s best not only for business but also for a night of partying at the Hamptons. This sharp taste for the best in the market is what made him decide to pick the Panamanian chef Andrés Morataya to cater for his cocktail beach-themed grill party recently.

Chef Moratoya is known to be a chef with the heart for organic products that are usually labeled farm-to-table produce. The restaurant that the chef has gives him the expertise to only serve the freshest and unique recipes for his clients, and one of his satisfied customers is Chris Burch. With the back-to-basics approach of the chef, it’s not hard to understand why the business picked the chef to serve him in his party.

The recent report from Tasting Table also indicated that the reason Chris Burch picked Chef Moratoya might be because of the unique concepts that the chef usually developed for Burch’s resort in the magnificent island of Indonesia. It is also the creative take of the chef that regularly draws in regular customers for his restaurant.  Read more on

Chris Burch The CEO

Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, a finance firm that specializes in making sure that companies have different investment options in expanding and sustaining their growth. The vast array of solutions and products that Chris offers for his customers always focus on keen branding and fine-tuned marketing solutions that may find application in the field of hospitality, consumer goods, and financial services.  To read insights and views from him, check

The entrepreneurial spirit of Chris started in 1976 when he was still doing his undergrad studies. At the early age, he already began to invest with a few thousand dollars that his brother gave him to start what was then called the Eagle Eye’s apparel, which right now has grown to over $165 million in revenue before selling to Swire Group.  Refer to for related article.

Mr. Burch also made an opulent contribution to the growth of Internet Capital Growth, which is now a famous success story online. The ideas that propel Mr. Burch to where he is now usually come from his knack to link innovative ideas with amazing and practical tricks to tap into consumer behavior and attract more sales.  Additional article to read here.

Take a quick tour to his awesome resort, visit