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The more we learn about the private industry, the more we understand why this area of society needs to be heavily guarded. There are processes, concepts and agendas that governments must employ that we often don’t need to be involved with. The recent work of Securus Technologies is taking that work and accomplishing it for us and the U.S. government.


Securus Technologies creates special technology that only private industry can put to use. This includes the daily work of the United States government and the pace it must keep to stay ahead of criminal infiltration or the technologies they’re now using. What occurred in recent weeks is bringing security in the private industry hundreds of steps ahead of crime.



Why There’s No End To What Securus Can Accomplish


We have to better understand who Securus Technologies is and to better grasp the transition the agency makes in processing secure transactions. The Securus firm operates technology. The complication of its work is that technology seems to change everyday. This means that Securus must consist of a team of professionals who understand the advances being made.


What we advance with in the public world gives criminals an upper-hand in what is an ironic situation. Take your simple cell phone as an example. We use these devices daily, and they help us to work within a modern world without delay. New technology like this is offered to the world and can therefore be used for illegal purposes.


Securus works to keep these illegal uses at bay and especially when those activities enter the private sector.



The Flexibility Of The Private Industry And Securus Technologies


There’s only one brand of flexibility in the private sector. The growth of technology must be closely followed by the growth of security technology. Securus is among many agencies constantly searching for ways to improve the society we have. This is done by maintaining the daily safety we use and can often take for granted.


Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions for civil and criminal justice needs, and they work on helping advance public safety, corrections, investigations and more. They have many satisfied customers, and they are highly respected and trusted. In fact, they have an A+ rating at the BBB. It is extremely hard for companies to get such a high rating, and it is the highest rating possible. Watch more on



Now, Securus Technologies has decided to publish comments that customers, including law enforcement officers and jail officials, have made about them, mostly by sending in letters to the company. Of course, any private information, such as which city and state it was and any names, have been hidden.



In fact, the CEO of Securus Technologies says that the reason they get so many positive comments is because around once a week they come up with a new innovation to help their clients. They provide so much to help out public safety and keep people safe.



For example, one letter said that due to Securus Technologies’ amazing help, they were able to find out a corrupt member of their staff and obtain a search warrant for them. The person has been arrested, and that would have been impossible without Securus Technologies.



Another letter said that thanks to Securus Technologies, the law enforcement was able to monitor phone calls that dealt with illegal activities, such as a civilian selling prescription drugs at a low price, possible access to drugs by inmates, threats by inmates, and access to a cellphone by an inmate.



Another letter said that besides for all of the other great stuff that Securus Technologies has done for the senders, they were able to monitor illegal contraband in their facilities and make sure that it didn’t happen again.



All of these people were extremely grateful to Securus Technologies.