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Martavis Bryant has been playing ball for quite sometime as part of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Many have chosen him due to their research from the Fantasy Football Rankings. 2016 was planned to be his magical 3rd year breakout as stated from the Fantasy Football Rankings, however, with his amazing record he let down many fantasy football owners when he was suspended for the entire season due to a failed drug test.

Bryant’s target share is greater than 22% with a catch rate at 56%. He averages 15 yards per reception and is well known for his 4.42 speed as he gets plenty of deep targets in the game. Currently, the Consensus Baller Rank shows he is a WR21 status but does range in about a 55% chance of making it to a WR1 status.

When people are looking to enter into the games they watch for the Fantasy Football Rankings to see whom they believe would be fit for their game against other players they know. Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright are the hosts for the show and the Fantasy Football Rankings. Many keep “tabs” on the rankings so they know who to watch and when. Many people take Fantasy Football as serious as coaches take their own games.