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Preparing for retirement is an important part of every person’s career life. Most people in the United States save for retirement by saving a portion of their income in a 401k. This is good but the money saved does not guarantee one the same kind of lifestyle they used to enjoy. One may assume that Social Security will take care of the difference. Unfortunately, social security only gives $2800 per family where both spouses are working. This is where the revolutionary investment idea by Matt Badiali called Freedom Checks comes in.

Matt Badiali who works at Banyan Hill as an analyst came up with Freedom Checks which is a profitable investment idea. By using a law in the constitution that few people know about he has been able to provide the opportunity to earn high returns and get government subsidies for his investors. Investors get high returns legally because the companies that they invest in do not get taxed. In addition, investors also receive checks from the government since they have made good use of their capital.

According to the US tax law that Matt Badiali leverages in Freedom Checks, companies that use up to 90% or more of locally sourced raw materials are eligible for tax exemption. Statute 26-F of the tax code holds that if a company has used American resources for transportation, storage, processing, and production they qualify for tax exemption. Investments into these companies are used to run the companies by buying machinery, paying employees along with any other operational costs.

Very few companies qualify for this exemption as most companies in the country have outsourced operation to Asia and that means they cannot qualify. These companies according to statute 26-F are expected to give a portion of revenue to shareholders and this is why Freedom Checks are very profitable to investors. This is however much lower than the amount required by the IRS as federal tax annually.

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an Analyst at Banyan Hill publishing. He attended Penn State University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Geoscience. He holds a Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University.

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Over the years, Peter Briger has made a name for himself in the business world as a tremendous leader and shrewd businessman. His hard work and determination have left an impact on every organization that has hired him.

Peter Briger at Goldman Sachs

Peter got his big break when he scored a gig with the renowned company, Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is an investment banking company with operations all over the world. He began his journey in the company as a junior employee and with time made his way up to senior positions. He was once a mere employee in the department of operation, then he proceeded to the management of the department and eventually become a principal. He reached his peak when he became a partner in 1996. Goldman Sachs instilled in his business as well as leadership prowess. Peter Briger left the firm in the year 2002 and joined yet another banger by the name of Fortress Investment Group.

At Fortress Investment Group

When he joined the prestigious investment management company, he began serving the role of collaborative chairperson. Peter saw potential in the company and therefore led it to publicize a move that resulted in Fortress becoming a huge success. He was also put in charge of the credit and real estate department of the company. in 2016 he became one of the company’s directors.

When Fortress was acquired by SoftBank at the end of 2017, Peter, among the other principals in the company walked away with more than a billion dollars. This came from the sale of his millions of shares at the price of 8.08 dollars per share. This led him to the rank of 407 in the list of World Billionaires according to Forbes.

Other Endeavors

Peter Bridger holds positions in several other organizations. These include the Tipping Point where he is a member of the board. He also serves on the board of the Caliber Schools. Both these organizations are aimed at serving the community, one being dedicated to the cause of helping families with low income and the other is a youth foundation.

If you have heard about or came across the term bull market, you have probably heard or read about Ted Bauman. Mr. Bauman is a trained economist, reputed hedge fund manager, investor and a member of Banyan Hill Publishing. He has over the years been involved in many investment and market development undertakings.

Today, Ted is one of the sought-after experts in the business world. His publications have also caught the eyes of many readers and his social media followers are always glued to his tweets and posts. At all times, he has used these communication platforms to enlighten and educate people on the many ways to change their lives through investment.

Ted has used his expertise, experience, and exposure as an economist to create viable techniques that investors can embrace and develop their businesses. His publications at Banyan have been a great read for most of his followers and readers as they present them with robust and efficient economic knowledge. Through Ted’s advice, many investors have been able to use his views to venture into many investment landscapes.

Banyan Hill Publishing has been the right place to turn to thanks to the contributions of Ted Bauman in his write-ups. Those investors who have relied on the writing firm can attest that they have not been able to find such unique advice anywhere else. Bauman has also played an exceptional role in editing three other widely regarded online magazines; The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Weekly and the Plan B Club.

Besides writing for the Banyan daily newsletter he is also a contributor for The Sovereign Investor. Ted Bauman has been providing readers with insights on stock markets and international investments. These are two areas where many aspiring and even established investors have not been able to amass enough information on.

The Bottom Line

Ted Bauman has been providing readers with practical advice that they can rely on no matter how harsh the market may treat them. Some of the important investment tips that Bauman always gives many investors out there include; focusing on risk diversification and reduction. He also advises investors to go for stocks that come with low instability as well as rethinking and restructuring their investment strategies.



For people who are looking to invest and need some guidance, following Matt Badiali, one of the leading financial analysts in the world is a good idea. He has helped many people secure their life financially with investment advice. As the editor of Real Wealth Strategist, he has helped many people make their fortune. The investment advice of Matt Badiali is based on research and years of experience. If you are looking to secure your future financially, following what Matt Badiali says in his newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist is a good idea. He has worked as a consultant with many financial as well as natural resources companies in his career. It has helped him understand how and where to invest to better returns.

One of his specialties is investing in MLPs and he has done a lot of research on various MLP companies over the years. It is what has helped him some of the top MLP companies that are very profitable. If you are looking to make investments that would provide you with regular income, then following his advice is a good idea. He said recently that people can earn Freedom Checks with ease these days with the help of making smart investment choice in MLP companies that he suggests. These companies would provide regular dividends that Matt Badiali likes to refer to as Freedom Checks.

In today’s world, where just about everything is getting more and more expensive, starting from fuel to food and from education to taxes, it has become important to safeguard yourself financially by making regular investments. Freedom Checks can help save you from financial difficulties in the future and provide you with the sufficient cash needed to fulfil your retirement dreams. Matt Badiali is a certified geologist and has done his Masters in Geology from the Florida Atlantic University. He has worked with several leading geology companies as well and has understood the combination of natural resource industry and financial world can be highly profitable. It is what he provides in the newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist that he recommends to people who are looking to get Freedom Checks regularly.

Graeme Holm and his business and life partner Rebecca Walker decided to innovate the way the mortgage market works. They co-founded the Infinity Group Australia and it has been seeing some impressively positive results since its inception. The company was founded so for the purpose of helping Australian families to greatly reduce their debt. There have been many cases where their clients are able to reduce their 30 year home loan down to 7-10 years on average.


Infinity Group Australia has been able to accomplish this by providing what previous banking structures were lacking. That is the ongoing guidance, support, and advice. Because of their innovative and compassionate approach they have been able to help many families achieve financial stability. It has been reported that 100% of the clients see a reduction in their loan principal in the first 90 days.


Graeme Holm describes the method that Infinity Group Australia uses as a financial personal trainer. Just like in exercise, a person can get more progress from working out with a personal trainer than what they would see on their own. Infinity Group Australia provides their clients with their very own personal banker that advises them in any way possible. Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia have been able to offer services that help their clients reduce debt and create wealth. They also provide retirement strategies and show their clients how to invest in properties.


Infinity Group Australia is an award winning company and for good reason. They are not the typical and traditional broker. Their personal encounters with their clients are detailed fact based and go as in depth as possible into the household expenses and the family’s needs and wants. They help their clients set up a weekly budget for the family’s fuel, groceries, travel, and entertainment. The philosophy that the Infinity Group Australia provides for their clients is “If you can’t pay cash, then you’re not buying it”. The innovative mortgage company focuses on describing the differences between needs and wants to their clients to best serve them. This has led to tremendous success.


When a client receives a loan, they are assigned a personal banker to help them every step of the way to pay off their loan as fast as possible. The clients also receive a performance report at the end of each month so that they can determine if the clients are reaching the goals that have been set up. Learn more :