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Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker are the co-founders of the Infinity Group Australia, a debt-reduction company that works closely with Australian customers in order to find a way to get ahead with their financial planning. Holm jokingly calls himself a ‘financial coach’ but the truth of the matter is that he is simply correct. Holm and Walker established the company back in 2013 with the goal of helping members of the Australian community get back on track with their finances. It seems odd to say, but they probably didn’t envision the success that would soon be coming their way. Recently, Infinity Group Australia made one of the most prestigious financial publications in all of Australia when they were named the 58th Most Innovative Company in the country by the Australian Financial Review (AFR).


The Australian Financial Review is one of the most prestigious financial publications in Australia and New Zealand. With a readership close to 2 million people, making any page of the Australian Financial Review is an incredible honor and a definitive boon to the company in question. For the past seven years, the AFR has been releasing their annual list of Most Innovative Companies. In order to make the list, companies like Holm’s have to meet a deep list of standards that are performed by an analytics company known as Inventium. Inventium looks at businesses and weighs how much they impact the community, the services that they provide, and their cultural impact of the region. Additionally, quality of product and business success are also weighed and considered just as important for the metric. Learn more:


Holm and Walker were on hand for the 2018 Awards Gala hosted by the Australian Financial Review and they were onstage in order to get their award. Landing on the 58th spot of the list meant that Infinity Group Australia landed in as one of the top 6% of companies in the entire country. The weight of that honor wasn’t lost on Holm or Walker and both were quick to tout the quality of their team, the passion of their employees, and the good work of the Australian people who counted on them to help them out with their finances.


Graeme Holm is the engine behind the success at Infinity Group Australia, though he’d be quick to decline that title, and his work comes from a long career in the financial industry. Holm had spent 17 years working in major banking environments before realizing that he’d be better served in a different capacity and in a different context. Now, Holm is focused on working directly with people as the financial coach that they need in order to get their finances in order.












Graeme Holm, Founder of Infinity Group Australia, Accepts AFR 2018 Award