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Heather Parry has had an extensive career over several years of working in the entertainment industry. Heather is president of the company Live Nation Productions, which is best known for its production of “A Star Is Born” and several other television and film productions such as “Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis”, “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”, “Five Foot Two”, “Believer”, and “The After Party”. The company first launched in December 2015. The company currently has plans in producing productions based on Noah Cyrus with Kim Petras, “From Cradle To Stage” (which will be the company’s first television series), Dave Grohl with Verna Griffin, Janis Winehouse, and Marianne Stipe.

Expanding outside movies and television, Heather’s company also owns around one-hundred music festivals. These festivals also served as an excellent promotional medium for her then-upcoming film “A Star Is Born”.

Early in her career, Heather worked for MTV on projects such as “The Week In Rock”, “Get Rich or Die Trin'”, and the remake of “The Longest Yard”. After MTV, Heather became head of Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions. During this time, she worked on the projects, “The Hose Bunny”, “Just Go With It”, and “Pixels”.

Heather’s biggest production to date, “A Star Is Born”, is a musical romantic drama piece directed and starring Bradly Cooper, co-starring Lady Gaga, and was released on October 5th, 2018. The movie’s soundtrack was done as a collaboration between Lady Gaga and the iconic country singer, Willie Nelson. Another iconic artist, Client Eastwood, was originally attached to the project before he fell through. The movie ended up receiving critical acclaim from film critics and grossing $420 million from the worldwide box-office.