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Paul Wesley is an American actor born in New Brunswick, NJ who also has his hand in directing, and producing. Paul Wesley, best known for his work in popular television show The Vampire Diaries, has starred, directed, and produced several block-buster hits. Included in these are Before I Disappear, Cal in Camo, and Amira and Sam.

Before I Disappear is a drama that came out in 2014. Paul helped produce this film about a troubled young man and his niece who bond during a crazy turn of events. Wesley also acts in the film as the character Gideon, who is the boss to the main character Richie.

Paul Wesley
Cal in Camo is a play directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt. The play follows character Flynt, played by Paul Wesley, as he tries to get over the death of his wife. He does so by spending time with his sister Cal, and her husband Tim. With all characters going through their own struggles, Paul Wesley had to dig deep to channel Flynt as his silences in the play sometimes says more than his words.
Paul Wesley

Amira and Sam is a romance/drama that came out in 2014 about a veteran who is trying to get his civilian life back on track, all while trying to win over an Iraqi immigrant. Paul Wesley stars in the film as Charlie, the main character Sam’s cousin, who’s entire plot is to rip off veterans through shady financial schemes. He befriends Sam in an effort to get him to fall for his ploy, only for Sam to eventually see through it.
Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley has already accomplished so much, and at thirty-five he still has many years to add to his resume. Coming from humble beginnings, there is no telling what the ceiling is for such a talented young star.

For many years Wikipedia has remained a source of inspiration for the publishing community who are surprised at the effectiveness of a free source to generate knowledge. In a short span of time, Wikipedia has grown into a monster, which is fueled by an ever-hungry army of Wikipedia editors and content writers. However, what makes Wikipedia truly unique is the fact that these hungry content managers are unpaid. Unlike other volunteer organizations, Wikipedia does not actively recruit volunteers. In addition, almost every one of these editors get no compensation or recognition for their volunteer efforts. In fact, these attributes makes Wikipedia unique in the sense that it continues to grow despite the lack of incentives offered to its contributors.

For Stephan Seiler, an economist and associate professor of marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Aleksi Aaltonen, an assistant professor of information systems at Warwick Business School, finding the source of inspiration was important. Just like researcher before them, both these professionals wanted an answer to the riddle. They wanted to know what makes volunteer create a Wiki page to contribute to the knowledge source.

The result of their research is published in the July 2016 issues of Journal of Management Science, which suggests that regular edits of an article from hundreds of individuals is the cause of Wikipedia’s growth. Since its creation in 2002, over 25 million contributors have created approximately 5 million unique articles. However, the growth of the articles is fueled by active contribution from nearly 80,000 volunteers every month who update a Wikipedia page that already exists.

Despite the small scale of each of the Wiki edits, covering only 37 characters, the frequency of the content overpowers every other contributing factor. As such, 43% of changes were additions compared to only 8%, which were deletions. Thus, the net impact of edits was positive, which resulted in the phenomenal growth. Overall, the study found that without the ability of individuals to carry out small Wikipedia revisions, each article would be 45% shorter. Overall, the researchers recommended that their results are conducive for the development of organizations, which are regularly using Wiki format to share knowledge.

In fact, benefits you get when you make a Wikipedia page has inspired content management organizations including Get Your Wiki to help individuals and corporate clients create their own Wikis. Instead of spending countless hours creating content that generates publicity and interest, agencies like Get Your Wiki can create instant content to increase brand awareness on the Internet. In fact, its army of editors can also build positive reputation in matter of days.

When your business is suffering from a poor reputation or is threatened with one, there are several ways that you can reduce the negative impact that the negative reputation is leading to.

The first tip for doing so is to review and monitor your online reputation but to avoid getting sucked into the negative reviews and commentary that your business may suffer from. Internet trolls are everywhere and you simply do not want to go down to their level. If you try to fight every negative comment you will sound bitter and defeated. Instead take the high ground when you respond to negative comments and be sure to act professionally and concerned for the well being of your customers.

Concentrate on the value that your business is offering customers rather than trying to fight every claim that they make. Be positive yet confident in the products and services that you are offering your customers. Educate them on why your products and services are of high quality and illustrate your passion for your business.

There is no shame in getting help for your company from a third party consulting firm to manage your online reputation. You were successful in managing your business and may not have the experience to handle the online reputation and website management angles. Consider hiring a firm to make it so that your search results focus on the positive aspects of your business rather than solely on the negative. One such firm that does this is The benefit of using services of to clean up search results is that your online reputation won’t be controlled by a few negative reviews or disgruntled customers.

Finally, calm down and try not to let it bother you too much. Handling negative reviews and comments are part of the process of being a business owner and you shouldn’t let them frustrate you too much. Consider the feedback that they have but keep in mind you can’t satisfy everyone. Most new customers understand that and take in both the positive and negative when considering who to buy their products from and focus on promoting the positive aspects of your business instead.

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