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To be successful in a highly saturated industry, an entrepreneur has to be smart and innovative. The more the players providing similar goods, the more bargaining power customers have. Which means that they need to creative and communicate with their clients using as many platforms as they can. Doe Deere, is one of the most successful make up entrepreneurs in the industry today. She discusses her challenging and success story with Ideaminsch.



Doe Deere began Lime Crime Makeup Company in 2008 at a time when lipstick came in dull and reserved colors. Having a love for colors, Doe couldn’t find a lipstick that expressed what she felt. Instead of waiting for the bigwigs to come up with the idea, she decided to take her chance and give the world what they wanted. Lime Crime was born and so far is one of the most appreciated companies in the world with a large follow up base on social media.



Doe shows her creativity and strong leadership from how she treats her clients and employees. She doesn’t believe in the iron kind of leadership. Rather, she likes inspiring her employees and interacting with them. This encourages communication which inspires innovation. Employees at Lime Crime are encouraged to keep a friendly working environment and interact with one another.



Prior to starting Lime Crime Doe was pursuing her long term dreams in the music industry. As a musician, she experienced plenty of challenges that she believes moulded her into who she is today. Booking events and few people showing up was heart breaking but she learned to be grateful for people who took the time. Also, through this venture, she learned to diversify her talents and get the best from all her talents.



Doe speaks to women through her products. Before any product is introduced in the market, Doe Deere first tests it on herself. This inspires confidence and shows that she indeed is a caring entrepreneur and not after profits. Moreover, she encourages her customers to use makeup to complement their mood and as a form of expression.



So far, Lime Crime has launched various lipsticks to the world which are highly appreciated. The colors range from red, purple, green, lime and other bright shades. Doe takes her time to explain to her clients how and when to apply the lipsticks. The Queen of Unicorns walks with her clients through their journey and likes encouraging them on daily basis.


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Doe Deere leader of a cosmetic empire and her fellow so-called unicorns has always had a passion for color. Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a company that sells a line of vegan and cruelty free cosmetic products. Unlike traditional makeup, Lime Crime focuses on bright colors that pop. Deere has always had a unique style, according to a Galore interview. At a young age, she loved anything with color and played with make up and dressing in wild colors.

Doe Deere, originally from Russia, grew up in New York City and experimented with all kinds of make up trends throughout her youth. She claims she didn’t really become good with make up until her 20s. The idea for Lime Crime did not even start with makeup. Deere had started an EBay shop in 2004 to showcase her sewing and the shop expanded to include her unique makeup colors. Today Lime Crime is a thriving business that supplies Deere’s like-minded followers with everything they need to express their unique personalities.

After working several office and administrative jobs, Deere felt like she was called to do something where she could be herself. Deere has been a visionary and amassed a following. Her makeup line includes eyeshadows and liners in unique colors. Lime Crime’s lipstick shades are famous among Deere’s followers with the Velvetines being the most popular after their introduction in 2012. Deere has a hand in the creation of all of Lime Crime products and is dedicated to helping her fellow unicorns find the right expression for them.

As any online celebrity, Deere has faced her fair share of adversaries. According to the Galore interview, Deere claims the best thing to do is ignore the haters. The internet is full of people who can gossip and create scandal without any real proof; however, Deere’s followers have remained loyal, and Lime Crime has continued to expand and grow. Although a mostly online entity, Lime Crime is also in several Urban Outfitter stores in major cities such as New York City, Chicago, Dallas and Austin, as well as several location in California.

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The modern world is always changing. This has been particularly true of selling in the last decade. Once only an idea in someone’s head, today the internet is the place to buy and sell many items. Such is particularly true for many beauty products. Today’s customers know they need not make a run to the store in order to get what they want. The know they can begin searching online at any given moment and find just the right lipstick or eyeliner for the occasion they are planning. One person who has seized the moment and rushed to help provide such products is entrepreneur and cosmetics lover Doe Deere.

At Their Service

As she tells Galore Magazine, Deere began to hit the world of cosmetics when she was still very young. She has always loved the chance to put on makeup and assume and entirely new role in life. It was this particular passion that brought her to the world of the internet quite early as well. She quickly realized that there were other people who also shared her passion and wished to be able to buy items that were all about color. For this reason, she began to think about how she could best fulfill this particular niche. The idea for Lime Crime began to form in her head. Acting quickly, she started up her own company. Her idea was that she could use the net to reach out to customers not only in her own backyard but all over the world. This is one of many reasons why Lime Crime took off. In many ways her timing was just right. The internet was starting to grow and take off. She knew she could reach out to fans without the need to open up a brick and mortar business.

Enormous Business Growth

Since that moment online over a decade ago, Deere has been astonished in a way at her own success. From a small idea inside her own head, the business has become one that allows her to be who she is and to bring others inside of her world. She knows that she must continue to provide superior customer service in order to help see her business continue to grow in today’s world. This is why she is always on the lookout for new products that she thinks her consumer base will enjoy having in their own lives.