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Sunday Riley is an entrepreneur who launched her own skincare products after finding many of the products that were on the market were not satisfying her need for quality. She does not put any unnatural ingredients in her skincare products. The Sunday Riley product line comes with a price.

For many fans of the product line, the price is well worth it. While the Sunday Riley product line is generally made up of skincare products the company expects to add to the family soon. The company has attempted, in the past, to launch a full line of cosmetics. The line was discontinued after a couple years.

The Sunday Riley Skincare line had humble beginnings. When the company started out, it was easy for its founder to find a store to carry the products. Sunday Riley Skincare products could be found exclusively at one high-end retailer with stores in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago.

The most difficult part of launching a skincare line for Sally Riley was the advertising. Like many companies who are just starting she found that she had an almost non-existing advertising budget. She turned to social media.

Riley found that handing out samples the takers would post their reviews online, many to their social media accounts. She advertised via her own social media outlets, with the help of friends and family, free samples of her skincare products. Takers of the skincare samples tried it out and even those with only a few hundred followers shared the results and their likes along with their dislikes. Word-of-mouth spread and the Sunday Riley Skincare line was in business.

Sunday Riley was hesitant about using her own name on the bottles of her skincare products. She felt this is going to be a reflection of who she was. Perhaps, this would cause some not to buy the products. Then again if the products fail, this too would forever be linked to her personally. She gave her line of skincare products her name only because the high-end retailer agreeing to stock a supply of it insisted upon it.