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Eli Gershkovitch, the CEO of Steamworks Group, detailed the best craft beer destination in Canada considering the craze for craft beer by people in the recent years. He says that Victoria in British Columbia is one of the top spots for best breweries. Its first brewpub named Spinnakers opened in the city in 1984. Additionally, six breweries and five brewpubs opened in Greater Victoria in the later years. Eli Gershkovitch confirms that he sees Vancouver as another great craft beer destination as it opened one brew pub and 13 breweries since 2012 with in the city. Additionally, the suburbs of the city has more than a dozen.



Sunshine Coast in B.C. is another top area for breweries in Canada with Gladstone Brewing, Persephone Brewing, Townsite Brewing, Forbidden Brewing, and more. Halifax of Nova Scotia is another important craft beer center with a total of nine brewpubs and breweries with in the city, and there are ten more within few hours of drive from the city ( Eli Gershkovitch also recommends Unfiltered Brewing and Granite Brewery to make a try next time. He also sees Fredericton of New Brunswick as a cool place and ideal beer destination with a number of breweries including one cider, one mead, and four beer. Eli Gershkovitch this time recommends Grimross Brewing and Trailway Brewing as his choice in the city.



Eli Gershkovitch has more than two decades of experience in the brewery industry, especially in the craft beer. He says that he saw two cycles of the craze for the craft beer, and he was the part of the first wave and continue to be part of the wave that started recently. It should be noted that under the leadership of Gershkovitch, the Steamworks Brew Pub opened in 1995 (IMBd). He personally built the pub with an initial capacity of 184 seats, and currently, it is expanded to 754.



Eli Gershkovitch’s strategies played a crucial role in converting the pub and the adjoining areas as a hipster cool place. Gershkovitch says that he was following an organic revolution and added elements to Steamworks piece by piece. In 2013, he shifted his strategy and expanded with a full-scale brewery. Interestingly, the capacity of the new brewery, 40,000-hectolitre, located near Boundary Road significantly outnumbers the pub’s capacity of 2,000-hectolitre.