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According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland, founder of Magnises and Spling, has already achieved an enormous amount of success and he is just 25 years old. Magnises is a growing company that functions as a social club for wealthy millennials and has gained a huge number of members in a relatively short period of time since launching. This has made Billy into something of a prodigy in the business industry.

Billy was born in New York, which is also where went through his basic and higher education. After graduating from Pingry, he went on to study at Bucknell University to build his academic foundation for success. However, during his time at the university, he found he did not want to continue pursuing his computer engineering major and dropped out to focus on his entrepreneurial ideas, which at the time was Spling.

This company was focused on online advertising and helped other companies improve the quality of their websites and advertising to better sell their merchandise.

Magnises, which targets the millennials of this generation, or individuals that fall between the years 1982 and 2004, was started by Billy back in 2013, and has already gained a large number of followers.

Today the club members include many big names in the industries of fashion, finances, and even technology. In order to be a member at Magnises, it requires an annual fee of $250, which is money well spent since it gives access to the clubs exclusive black card and special privileges.

Magnises has managed to build many partnerships in the course of 4 years, such as La Esquina, Goldbar, and Finale. These companies work together with Magnises to provide extra rewards to Magnises black card members.

Today, Magnises has thousands of members and is still growing, so it is safe to say that this club is exactly what the millennials of today are looking for. Billy’s quick success has given him plans for expansion into new cities as well.