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The idea of supporting a good cause is exciting to many and it happening while having wine and enjoying a good meal there is nothing better. That’s is the main reason why Jeremy Goldstein together with Jim Finkel and Omar Khan, will be the people that will take care of hosting the lavish evening that will include good food and wine so that to show their support to Fountain House. Fountain House is an organization that has dedicated all their services and support to help those men and women that have the mental illness. The World Health Organization has referred to mental illness as a humanitarian crisis. The illness has been affecting over 450 million people all over the world, and if one person is affected in a family, the whole family will suffer too.

The illness will be a hindrance in that a person will not be able to have a stable job, get the education, have any relationship and even take care of themselves. However, with the help of Fountain House, it has shown that it’s not always the case. Fountain House was founded in 1944 by six patients that met when they were undergoing treatment at Rockland State Hospital that is based in Orangeburg, New York. In 1948, because of the help that the team got from their supporters they were able to buy a building that was in New York City so that to offer their clubhouse a home that is permanent.

At Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC Jeremy L. Goldstein is among the partners. The services that the company offers is that they will advise committees, management teams, CEOs and corporation in the matter like the corporate governance and executive compensation. Before Jeremy L. Goldstein decided that he was going to fund his own company at a large New York firm he was a partner.

Because of the service that he offers he has been involved with so many corporate transactions one of them being the buying of Goodrich by United technologies. He provides the information that he has by writing and speaking about the issues that affect the corporate governance and executive compensation. He attended the New York University School of Law where he attained his J.D., and from the University of Chicago, he got his M.A. and a B.A. from Cornell University.


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