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Disability because of arthritis could be avoided if individuals could learn how to recognize signs of inflammation before they happen. The new technology is studying acute pain and ways to treat pain so that individuals will not have to undergo surgery as a relief. The Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersy along with Doctor Matthew Cirullo are researching causes and cures by using up to date technology (Edgewater). This up to date technology helps them understand how the body reacts to specific factors. Joint disease and Joint pain are two of the leading reasons people become disabled in the U.S. It is the leading cause of disability in women and people of older ages.

Chronic pain can ruin the lives of the patient and family if not handled correctly. Most individuals are searching for the quick fix to the pain. Over the counter medications offer little to no relief. The recent technology will help individuals learn to move correctly in the morning. It helps them to adjust and develop a comfortable exercise routine. It helps the person avoid surgery and heavy narcotics. The Osteo Relief Institute can teach patients how to treat using strength and muscle building. They can help find a diet that works and exercises that improve overall feelings.


People that need to lose weight can find themselves with painful knees and ankles. This can be an end result of carrying too much weight on the body. It can also mean that the person is reluctant to do the exercise he or she needs to avoid the arthritis symptoms ( Osteo Relief Institute helps patients understand how important it is to avoid overuse or repetitive movements. The doctors works with the patients to train them in doing the exercise correctly and efficiently without stress.


Recommendations of the Osteo Relief Institute:


1) Avoid smoking and overeating.

2) Exercise daily. Routines with forced movement can reduce pain gradually. It may hurt when you begin but continue forcing yourself to move until it feels better.

3) Age plays a large role in the condition but exercise and proper diet can help each person have a positive outcome.


Contact the Osteo Relief Institute for individual screenings and information on treatments options.