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Year after year approximately 600,000 people lose their lives to cancer. Almost a half of the world population is expected to undergo cancer diagnosis throughout their lives. Dr. Clay Siegall is the head of the oncology biotechnology at Seattle Genetics. Since its founding, he has spearheaded research projects to find therapeutic remedies to curb cancer. As an advocate for increasing life expectancy doctor Clay is an advocate for finding the treatment for cancer. He has personally funded research companies in search for cancer treatments.

Initially radiation and chemotherapy were in cooperated as cancer treatments: however, they were aggressive therefore there was a need for advanced therapies. Seattle Genetics, a biotech company, has developed procedures that use antibody treatments to come up with the treatment of cancer. The company has come up with, Antibody Drug Conjugates that treat lymphomas, that kills 8,000 people annually both young and old. The drug has also proved to treat acute leukemia successfully. The Seattle Genetics Company also partnered with Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company in developing ADCentrics, a drug used to treat systematic anaplastic large cell lymphoma and Hodgkin lymphoma. Currently, Dr. Clay oversees the search for treatment of other forms cancer like breast and blood cancer.

The recent advancements in the field of treatment of cancer is a foreshadow of the future rev of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In Netherlands, doctors have developed a new way of diagnosing prostate cancer using the MRI and other additional tests. At the University Hospital of Lyon, England bladder cancer can now be accurately diagnosed using urine test. A new form of Genetic therapy called Genome sequencing, where medicine developed is consistent with the patient’s genetic code is engineered to find the exact root of the problem.

Clay Siegel is the director of Seattle Genetics a biotech company established in 1998. The company’s objective is to develop therapy drugs used to curb rare diseases. Siegel holds a bachelor degree in zoology from the University of Maryland. He also has a Ph. D in genetics from Washington University. He has made 70 medical publications and had 13 patents. Siegel developed an interest in medicine and technology in the faculty of medicine.

Clay is a member at Alder Biopharmaceuticals and has gathered expertise from working with various medical research institutes. He has overseen the company into becoming a significant player in the cancer research program. By organizing capital fund raising events, he has helped support the company and its research programs. Siegel believes that in the future will eliminate systematic therapy and adopt contemporary and more efficient drugs.