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Betsy Devos is a devoted successful woman who is not ceasing in assisting every student who requires education in the United States. Together with her husband, Betsy launched The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. The foundation has an objective of changing the lives of students from poor backgrounds by helping them get a good education through scholarships. She is a lady of great purpose who has successfully made it in social businesses and done so much humanitarian work. The Dick and Betsy Foundation was able to make $ 11.6 million in the year 2015 and as result, a number of good projects in the US were funded. The United States recognized Betsy and her family and they were highly supported for their goodwill.


In one of her hard works, Betsy was an energetic activist on making the education better for everyone. She is now a cabinet secretary of education at the Trump government. Betsy is a committed lady who also involved herself in charter schools and so far she funded various schools such as Success Academy Charter Schools and also Potter’s House School. She is a woman who focuses on what’s best and believes that one of the shortcomings of the Education system in the US is based on using old ideas. To get away with this she advises people to focus on new measures that will help the students who need education.


Betsy Devos is an excellent doer who puts her mind on many things that will help the society, other than education she has taken part in enhancing the research in medicine which is doing well so far. Betsy is progressing in everything that she puts her actions in. their foundation achieved $100 million in a period of five years that was able to cater for proposed projects that are in the aim of making The society a better place


Due to her enthusiasm in making education better for everyone, Betsy is traveling around the United States so that he can see what kind of education goes on in various schools. Her good work has also been noticed by a number of firms which are helping her. As a cabinet secretary of Education Betsy establishes her great ideas to improve it.


Due to her decent association with educators and a number of parents has also enhanced he education sector. Students are now able to get the opportunity to go to the schools that they prefer and as result make their careers a reality. An example of a place that students have gained from is Columbia. To wind up, Betsy Devos encourages other educators to implement new ways that will tackle the challenges that are brought with education.


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